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Charming Viet Nam (651 news)
Homestay tourism boosts income of local Tay people around Ba Be lake
Over recent years, traditional stilt houses in Tay ethnic villages have been renovated and upgraded to provide homestay tourism services for visitors to Ba Be lake in Bac Kan province. Homestay tourism has not only helped local Tay people to escape poverty but also provides visitors with an opportunity to explore the best of land, life and indigenous culture around the lake.
Tips for exploring the best of Ha Noi

Ha Noi, the heart of Viet Nam, is appreciated by millions of international visitors thanks to its centuries old French style architecture, diverse culture, attractive points of interest, friendly people and superb cuisine. Check out our tips to explore the best Ha Noi has to offer.

Cuttlefish Hotpot(Aug 29, 2018)
Cuttlefish Hotpot

 Just 92 km from Nha Trang, Dai Lanh is a district that can be easily accessed by car.

Museum honours Vietnamese women’s role

The Vietnamese Women’s Museum is one of the top destinations in Ha Noi. It gives visitors an insight into the Vietnamese culture through the beauty of Vietnamese women.

Son Tay ancient citadel, a unique historical relic site of Ha Noi

The Son Tay citadel, 40 kilometers from the center of Ha Noi, is a unique historical relic of the capital city and Viet Nam’s glorious history of resisting foreign invaders.

“Pau Plau” Day Cake

Day Cake is a popular type of cake that can be found all over Vietnam, but the Day Cake called “Pau Plau” in Lao Cai is quite a unique dish. It is made solely of rice, but its deliciousness has been tested and acknowledged by many travelers who have been to Lao Cai.

Underwater stone arch draws visitors to island district

Archaeologists and divers have recently discovered an underwater stone arch in Ly Son district in the central province of Quang Ngai, adding it to the list of must-visit places in the island district.

Browned green sticky rice - A fantastic idea for dessert made from ‘Com’

While ‘cha com’ is a popular choice for the main course made from ‘com’ (young sticky rice flakes), ‘com xao’ is a fantastic idea for dessert or for tea break.

Ancient house in Ma May

Ma May, a rare quarter that still retains several old houses, has created one of the characteristics of Ha Noi. Ha Noi’s streets are becoming increasingly crowded and traditional features can sometimes be hidden behind modern life. But if one takes the time to relax and look around, the ancient features begin to reveal themselves.

Hang Bac: the core street of the Old Quarter

 Hang Bac is a busy street which is considered the core of Ha Noi`s Old Quarter.

Bread Beefsteak – nice fusion between Western and Vietnamese cuisine

Banh mi bit tet (bread beefsteak) isn’t a traditional dish of Hanoians. However, it cannot be missed in your list of street food if you stay in Ha Noi for a long time.

Embroidery Art Museum in Hue

The XQ Embroidery Art Museum in Hue city attracts both tourists and artists. The museum offers visitors a chance to explore and experience traditional Vietnamese embroidery craft.

Corn festival of the Cong

The Corn Festival is a traditional celebration of the Cong people in Muong Te district, Lai Chau province. After the corn harvest in the 6th lunar month, the Cong gather to celebrate the harvest, thank genies and ancestors for blessing them, and pray for another favorable year.

Top 5 lesser-known destinations along the central coast

Travellers who want to enjoy idyllic country scenes in Viet Nam are recommended five spots along the central coast.

Ha Giang Smoked Ham(Aug 08, 2018)
Ha Giang Smoked Ham

This is a traditional food of the minority community in Ha Giang.