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A common dish with a unique twist

Pancakes are not exclusively Vietnamese. Far from it.

Porridge noodles – a famous dish in Nghe An province
"Chao canh" (porridge noodles), a famous Nghe An specialty, is not a combination of noodles and porridge as its name suggests.
Breathtaking Cao Bằng is worth a visit
Thang Hen Lake in the northeastern province of Cao Bằng is surrounded by rows of mountains, capped by streaks of white clouds.
Getting lost in Binh Lieu – A miniature Sapa in Quang Ninh
“A miniature Sapa” is the most common nickname of Binh Lieu distruct in Quang Ninh province, which has risen to become a favourite tourist attraction for holiday makers over the recent years.
Pagodas in Soc Trang Province
Wherever there are Khmer people, there are pagodas. Soc Trang Province in the Mekong Delta of Viet Nam is such localities, home to 99 Khmer pagodas with different sizes and splendid architectural styles.
Unique Lang Sen Wetland Reserve
Nature has granted Long An province Lang Sen land area, where it plays an important role in regulating water and reducing the impact of climate change for the Dong Thap Muoi area as well as the downstream area of the Mekong River Delta. Lang Sen Wetland Reserve, a unique destination for tourists, has been recognised as the world's Ramsar site.
West Lake's hidden treasures
This huge lake has a circumference of 17 kilometers. Just 15 minutes from Ha Noi’s Old Quarter, many locals and tourists seeking respite from the busy city make their way to this district.  
Ant’s egg rice cakes, a Tuyen Quang specialty
“Banh nep nhan trung kien”, glutinous rice cakes filled with ant eggs, are a specialty of the Tay, an ethnic group that has existed for hundreds of years in the northern province of Tuyen Quang.
The 160-year-old pagoda on Cham Island
The Hai Tang Pagoda is a must-see for visitors to the Chàm Islands near Hoi An in central Viet Nam.  
Roasted grasshoppers – delicacy from the rice harvest
Roasted grasshoppers were very popular for families living in countryside as they are healthy and tasty.
Discovering Cao Bang: 7 must-do experiences
Tucked away in a remote area of Northern Vietnam, Cao Bang Province is bursting with beautiful geo-cultural sites. With five major river systems and 47 lakes, water plays a vital role in shaping the landscape and local life. Much of Cao Bang is protected as UNESCO Global Geopark. The province's extraordinary diversity makes it a spectacular place to explore, especially for adventure travellers. Here are seven stops in Cao Bang you must…
Story of Suối Giàng shan tuyết tea in Yên Bái Province
Shan tuyết tea in Yên Bái Province’s Suối Giàng Commune is well known across Việt Nam for its pleasant flavour and fragrance.
The beauty of Ngọc Chiến
Ngọc Chiến Commune in Sơn La Province attracts tourists to its untouched picturesque beauty and generous local people. The remote region has been developing a community-based tourism approach for one year now, and hopes to attract more nature-lovers.
Banh hoi long heo (fine rice vermicelli cake with pig tripe)
"Banh hoi long heo" is a typical breakfast dish for locals in Quy Nhon, the capital of Binh Dinh Province, but you can also find many shops selling this dish in the evening.  
Ninh Thuan stone park's raw beauty
The 2-hectare park is located in Vinh Hai Commune, Ninh Hai District. It has almost nothing other than various shaped and sized stones. Many of the stones have bizarre shapes that can be animals, a chair or humans to the visitors. Tourists who like to explore nature often visit the park to take photos with strangely-shaped stones.