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Charming Viet Nam (624 news)
Exploring Vam Sat ecological tourist site in Can Gio
Situated around 50 kilometers from the heart of HCMC, and easily accessible by either high-speed boat or bus, Vam Sat Ecological Tourist Site in the outlying coastal district of Can Gio could be a perfect place of choice for those wishing to explore the pristine natural scenery and experience water services attached to local daily lives.
Co To Island’s tranquil beauty seduces travellers

Travellers to the northern province of Quang Ninh should not miss Co To Island with its untouched beauty and clear blue waters.

Raw fish ceviche: A savoury signature dish in Bac Giang Province

“Goi ca me”, a raw fish ceviche made of the Osteochilus fish, is one of the most famous signature savoury dishes in the northern province of Bac Giang. 

One day at Muong Culture Space Museum

The Muong Culture Space Museum is located in a small limestone valley in Hoa Binh City, about 70km from Ha Noi. 

Ha Noi night Pho vendor

For the past 30 years, a Pho vendor in Ha Noi has been serving customers between 3-6 am.

Tangerine farms in Dong Thap ready for visitors during Tet

Visitors to the Mekong Delta province of Dong Thap should take a trip to the farms in the Lai Vung area where farmers earn a living growing pink tangerine.

Sai Sung – A special seafood in Quang Ninh

Everyone knows that Quang Ninh is famous for its scenery, its people, its culture. But not many people know about a unique food that can only be found there. This special seafood is called Sai Sung or Sa Sung; it is surely another reason why you cannot refuse to come to Quang Ninh.

A visit to Langbiang Mountain

Visitors to the resort city of Da Lat can take a tour of the Langbiang plateau and sample ruou can (wine stored in a big jar and drunk with a long bamboo pipe), a specialty of ethnic minorities living in the Central Highlands.

Bac Lieu shows great tourism promise

Bac Lieu is a Mekong Delta province that has the normal tropical attractions and more, including a bird sanctuary, a monument to ostentatious living, Khmer culture, boat trips, popular places of worship, orchards and flower gardens. 

Ho Chi Minh City-based Tan Dinh Church becomes tourist destination

Located at 289 Hai Ba Trung Street in Ho Chi Minh City’s District 3, Tan Dinh Church has been a destination for Catholics as well as tourists who come to admire the imposing French-influenced architecture and find peace for their soul.

Unique rite of passage of Dao ethnic minority

‘Cap sac’ ritual is a rite of passage to mark the coming-of-age of the Dao ethnic men, affirming the recognition of the community and gods to them. With the Dao ethnic minority people in Hoanh Bo district, Quang Ninh province, ‘cap sac’ is the most important ritual.

Tet arrives early for northern Mong ethnic village

Villagers in Tham Phang village in Muong Ang district of Dien Bien province are celebrating Tet during one of the coldest winters in the region.

Red Dao 'capital’ is mountain wonderland

Located 1,000m above sea level, Ho Thau commune in the northern mountains has cool weather all year round and breathtaking landscapes.

Black sesame sweet soup, a popular dessert in Hoi An

Black sesame sweet soup, a sweet, commonly served after meals as a mid afternoon snack, is a smooth and luscious soup with a rich toasted sesame taste that’s particularly popular in Hoi An ancient city.

Bach Dang Giang relic site highlights national undauntedness

Located at the estuary of Bach Dang River, just 20 km from downtown Hai Phong Bach Dang Giang relic site is the city’s largest complex of historical, cultural and spiritual monuments and a popular tourist attraction.