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Charming Viet Nam (577 news)
Red maple tourist area blooms open in Da Lat
A red maple tourist area has just been opened to the public in the resort city of Da Lat.  
Visiting Pu Mat National Park

Pu Mat National Park, 120 km from Vinh City in Nghe An Province, is the largest forest in north-central Viet Nam and a world nature reserve.

Muong Luong – an exotic destination in northwestern Viet Nam

Located at the foot of Khau A Mountain, Muong Luong is highly recommended as a destination for tourists to the nation’s northwestern upland.

An Bang - untouched beach near Hoi An

Around three kilometers from Hoi An ancient town, An Bang beach is still in its primitive state. Clean water, yellow sand, a pure atmosphere and daily chores of local fishermen make the beach area unique.

Hue Royal Citadel sparkling by night

The Royal Citadel in the imperial city of Hue on April 22 began to open from 7pm to 10pm daily as part of a promotion programme themed ‘Golden Tourism Week' at Hue Heritage site complex, launched by Hue Monuments Conservation Centre.

Discovering the beauty of Do Son (Hai Phong City)

(TITC) - Located about 22km southeast of Hai Phong City’s centre, Do Son is a small peninsula created by Rong (Dragon) Mountain extending from Lach Tray Mouth to Van Uc Mouth. Do Son has been known as an ideal tourist site and played an important role in socio-economic development of Hai Phong City.

Co Loa – the oldest citadel in Viet Nam

Co Loa Citadel was built near Phong Khe, about 20 km to the north of today’s Ha Noi, during the end of the Hong Bang Dynasty (about 257 BCE). The fortress is a spiral-shaped complex of the then new capital. The site was the source of various relics of the Dong Son Culture of the Bronze Age.

Bong Lai Temple(Mar 29, 2017)
Bong Lai Temple

(TITC) - Located on the foot of Dau Rong (Dragon Head) Mountain in Area 3, Cao Phong Town, Cao Phong District, Hoa Binh Province, about 10km south of Hoa Binh City, Bong Lai Temple worships Co Doi Thuong Ngan – a disciple of Mother Goddess of Forest and spirits of Four Realms according to the beliefs of Vietnamese people.

Sin Ho Plateau - unspoiled beauty

Sin Ho District in Lai Chau Province has attracted more tourists in recent years thanks to its unspoiled nature and the diverse cultures of local ethnic minorities.

Homestay- An attractive tourism product

Recently, in response to increasing travel demand, travel agencies have paid attention to developing interesting tourism products to attract more tourists.

Yen Bai Province, an alluring destination in the northwest

Yen Bai Province has become a tourist destination thanks to its beautiful unspoiled landscape and diverse culture. Over the past few years, the province has invested in upgrading roads and developed a variety of local tours.

Viet Nam’s spectacular beauty at Khanh Le Pass

More than a century ago, during their domination, the French colonialists discovered Da Lat but after surveying they decided that it was impossible to build a road connecting Nha Trang and Da Lat due to dangerous terrains.

Non Nuoc Pagoda – an architectural masterpiece in a Ha Noi suburb

Located in Ve Tinh Commune, Soc Son District, Ha Noi, as part of the Soc Temple Complex, Non Nuoc Pagoda and Viet Nam Buddhist Academy are part of a monumental architectural work that has been in use for seven years. It is also a spiritual tourism address, increasingly attracting pilgrims.

Grilled mullet fish wrapped in lotus leaves

The bountiful southern provinces are always known for their elegant dishes which combine the interesting local specialities with simple yet demanding cuisines.

Dao Thuc Village water puppetry lures visitors

When spring comes, people flock to Dao Thuc Village on the outskirts of Ha Noi to watch comical water puppet performances.