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Charming Viet Nam (596 news)
Geological heritage tourism in Vietnam
The sustainable exploitation of natural resources, mineral resources in particular, has always been a hot issue and priority for developing countries. Among the potential solutions to this issue is the harmonisation of exploitation and conservation of the national natural and geological heritage to promote tourism.
Dong Van Karst Plateau Geo-park

(TITC) - Located on an altitude of 1,000m-1,600m, belonging to 4 districts of Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Meo Vac, Dong Van (Ha Giang Province), the 2,350km2-Dong Van Karst Plateau is one of Viet Nam's special limestone areas, housing prominent imprints that depict the development of the earth’s crust.

New tourism site to be built in Daklak

Asian Trails Co. Ltd. will develop an 11-hectare eco-tourism site near Lak Lake in Daklak Province to serve its European customers.

Sa Pa, lost in the mists

Deep within the valleys and mountains of Viet Nam’s furthest Northern reaches lies the remote hill town of Sapa. Most often viewed through the seemingly never ending carpet of mist, Sapa is a visual feast unmatched in Viet Nam; on the one hand remote and distant and, on the other, searingly developed and commercial.

Ban Hon – where imprints Lu ethnic culture features

(TITC) - With the advantage of locating on “Northwest Arc” tourist route and existing unique culture identity of Lu ethnic group, Ban Hon Commune (Tam Duong District, Lai Chau Province) has become a community-based tourism destination attracting a large number of international and domestic tourists.  

Chi Hamlet – An attractive community-based tourism destination in Ha Giang

(TITC) - In the recent years, travel trend to ethnic minority villages has become popular, especially with international tourists and young people. Because of visiting there, tourists will discover unspoiled natural landscape and learn about many traditional culture features.  

Ang Village - specific beauty feature of Northwestern mountains

(TITC) - Located in Moc Chau Plateau (Moc Chau District, Son La Province), Ang Village has fresh and cool air, charming scenery and also preserves special culture treasures of Thai ethnic group.

Finding the hometown(Oct 04, 2012)
Finding the hometown

This is a new land. Here sameness takes me home. Here smiles crease faces; there I walk along the alleys meeting familiar sights. I feel cosily warm, even in the middle of Hanoi humidity. Here, the eyes stretch out to meet the rivers called roads. There I bump into the hand-pushed-cart – I come to senses and see the xe-om driver looking at me with questioning eyes.  

Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex

After millions of years of geological tectonics, nature has endowed Ninh Binh with a magnificent natural wonder of green mountains and blue water. It is the Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex.  

Con Co Island – floating green pearl

Located close to the mainland, the small island of Con Co off Quang Tri Province has a long and interesting history of its own. To describe the island from offshore, it looks like a plump pearl emerging amidst the ocean. Experts consider the island’s geology, biology and scenery as a museum of diverse nature.

Adventurous summer vacation in Thung Nai

As soon as the school year ended, we decided to reward ourselves with a relaxing trip but it turned out more of a war with the weather but it was worth it for a great holiday. After probing our list of destinations we finally chose Thung Nai, a new tourist area in Cao Phong District, about 25 kilometers from Hoa Binh City and 110 kilometers from Hanoi.

Lang Cat-Hon Thom Tourist Area opens in Nha Trang

Lang Cat-Hon Thom Tourist Area is hoping to attract guests nationwide to explore the riddles of nature at its stunning location.  

The ten best destinations in Vietnam

Globalgrasshopper, a popular site for international tourists, has listed the top ten must-see destinations in Vietnam.

Community-based tourism in Men mountain village

(TITC)_Located in Thanh Nua commune, Dien Bien district, Dien Bien province, Men mountain village has been known as a community-based tourist destination, attracting a large number of domestic and int’l visitors to come.

Cruising the dream in Vietnam

A journey through the Southeast Asian country of Vietnam is a thrilling experience, as Herald reporter Rosa Studholme found out when she travelled there last month.