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Charming Viet Nam (588 news)
Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex
After millions of years of geological tectonics, nature has endowed Ninh Binh with a magnificent natural wonder of green mountains and blue water. It is the Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex.  
Con Co Island – floating green pearl

Located close to the mainland, the small island of Con Co off Quang Tri Province has a long and interesting history of its own. To describe the island from offshore, it looks like a plump pearl emerging amidst the ocean. Experts consider the island’s geology, biology and scenery as a museum of diverse nature.

Adventurous summer vacation in Thung Nai

As soon as the school year ended, we decided to reward ourselves with a relaxing trip but it turned out more of a war with the weather but it was worth it for a great holiday. After probing our list of destinations we finally chose Thung Nai, a new tourist area in Cao Phong District, about 25 kilometers from Hoa Binh City and 110 kilometers from Hanoi.

Lang Cat-Hon Thom Tourist Area opens in Nha Trang

Lang Cat-Hon Thom Tourist Area is hoping to attract guests nationwide to explore the riddles of nature at its stunning location.  

The ten best destinations in Vietnam

Globalgrasshopper, a popular site for international tourists, has listed the top ten must-see destinations in Vietnam.

Community-based tourism in Men mountain village

(TITC)_Located in Thanh Nua commune, Dien Bien district, Dien Bien province, Men mountain village has been known as a community-based tourist destination, attracting a large number of domestic and int’l visitors to come.

Cruising the dream in Vietnam

A journey through the Southeast Asian country of Vietnam is a thrilling experience, as Herald reporter Rosa Studholme found out when she travelled there last month.

A Hem For All Meals(May 30, 2012)
A Hem For All Meals

Much to my surprise and delight, I have discovered the hem, or alley, to be an integral component of the Vietnamese cityscape. I do admit to having arrived in Vietnam full of alley stereotypes - largely a product of my growing up in the United States. Whether a dark and foreboding passageway between skyscrapers downtown or a serviceway for trash collection and parking in the suburbs, an alley back home is just not a destination lending itself to pleasant exploration.

How do you like your bun?

After sampling a smattering of Vietnamese fare, it is fair and rather fitting to inquire, “how do you like your bun?” Bun, popularly translated as ‘rice noodles’, is a staple of Vietnamese cuisine and one of the most popular noodles, used for preparing a plethora of delicious and exotic dishes, some good and some, well, exotic.

My peaceful Vietnam(May 23, 2012)
My peaceful Vietnam

That was my second visit to Vietnam. In all honesty, I only had chance to stay in this beautiful country for nearly two short months.  Yet I still couldn’t help feeling ineffably overwhelmed by so many indelible memories of the benevolent tender hearted people, of the peaceful yet exotic sceneries, of incredibly amazing cuisines and a plethora of traditions the Vietnamese people have.

So Long Rainy Day Blues

For those of us not lucky enough to hail from southern Vietnam’s year-round tropical climate, summer’s departure is the time of year our lives slow down and turn indoors. As the nights become longer and the days colder, many of us in the West seek comfort foods to help knock away the winter time gloom.

What expats love about Viet Nam

Whenever asking expats what they do not like about Viet Nam, we often get familiar answers about traffic chaos, reckless drivers, degrading bus system, rubbish on the streets, polluted rivers or people’s unpunctuality.

Ethnic minority wedding ceremonies in northern Vietnam

Vietnam has 54 ethnic groups, mainly living in mountainous areas and having their own unique wedding ceremonies. Let’s look at some wedding preparations by a few ethnic minority groups in the northeastern and northwestern regions of Vietnam.

Forty Years After The War, This Is Actually A Great Place To Live

For the past eight days I’ve been spending time with friends in Vietnam; I’ll be leaving in a few days to link up with Simon in Thailand, but for now, I’m really impressed by Vietnam. The country has a great deal going for it.

A New Attraction of Binh Thuan

The 33ha Suoi Cat Tourist Site has been opened in Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan Province. Five minutes drive from the Tien Thanh Beach and 15km from Mui Ne Beach, the tourist site has a favorable location.