Da Lat listed as one of Asia’s most underrated attractions

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Da Lat (Viet Nam) and Yakushima (Japan) are two charming destinations unknown to many tourists, said CNN.

Da Lat

While the whole world flocks to Asia to see Angkor Wat or Great Wall of China, tons of incredible tourist attractions that will greatly inspire any traveller, are still waiting to be explored in this land. Sadly, some of them are in remote areas while others are simply unheard of among the lively and big cities in Asia.

As reported by CNN, Da Lat, the South Central Highlands of Viet Nam has only recently starting to gain attention. The city is famous for its mountainous climate which is much cooler than the year-around hot and humid Ho Chi Minh City. Used to be a favorite destination of French colonial rulers in the past, Da Lat still attracts visitors with beautiful waterfalls and pine-covered hills. A dozens of luxurious accommodations and golf clubs make Da Lat a perfect resort city.   

Da Lat and other eight unheralded cities in Asia, including Pulau Ubin (Singapore), Taipa Village (Macau), Ko Adang (Thailand), Sharp Island (Hong Kong), Yakushima (Japan), Majuli (India), Plain of Jars (Laos) and Koh Rong (Cambodia), are chosen by CNN as Asia’s most underrated attractions. Plain of Jars is called one of the most esoteric sites in Asia with thousands of huge stone jars, some more than 2,000 years old.

Another destination is Yakushima (Japan), a UNESCO biosphere reserve. Located in Kagoshima Prefecture, the island offers visitors a variety of hot springs, loggerhead turtles, dolphins and many rare plants.   

Source: toquoc.vn