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Director General of VNAT meets Ambassador of Czech Republic to Viet Nam
Update: Wednesday, December 07, 2016
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(TITC) – On 30 November 2016, in Ha Noi, Director General of Viet Nam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT), Mr. Nguyen Van Tuan had a meeting with Mr. Martin Klepetko - Ambassador of Czech Republic to Viet Nam. 

At the meeting, the Ambassador Martin Klepetko informed that, “Holiday World” International Travel Fair will be organized in Czech in February 2017. This is the largest tourism fair in Central Europe attracting the participation of many countries in the world and is an opportunity for Viet Nam to promote tourism to Czech tourists. The Ambassador invited Viet Nam to join in the fair as a honor country. 

Director General Nguyen Van Tuan emphasized bilateral cooperation between Viet Nam and Czech Republic in various fields, including tourism. The Director General appreciated the beautiful natural landscape of Prague Capital - one of the most fascinating cities in Europe. To attract more Vietnamese tourists, Czech Republic should enhance tourism promotion in Viet Nam and facilitate visa procedures for Vietnamese tourists.

Thu Thuy