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VNAT issues Viet Nam Tourism Annual Report 2016
Update: Thursday, October 12, 2017
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(TITC) – After 2014 and 2015 editions, Viet Nam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) continued to issue Viet Nam Tourism Annual Report 2016 in English and Vietnamese, reflecting a dynamic year for the tourism industry.

Viet Nam Tourism Annual Report 2016 with English and Vietnamese versions

In 2016, Viet Nam for the first time received over 10 million international visitors, recording a year-on-year growth of 26%. Domestic visitors reached 62 million, increasing by 8.8%; total tourism receipts amounted VND417,000 billion (approx. USD19 billion).

The results proved strong resilience of the tourism industry after suffering a setback in the previous two years. The achievements also reflected considerable efforts of all stakeholders in the industry in different fields of travel and transportation, accommodation, marketing and promotion, international cooperation, policy development, investment, labor training…

The report uses a lot of photos to introduce Viet Nam tourism, from destinations, accommodations, tourist activities....

Tourism has been identified a key industry of the national economy by the State. In August 2016, the Prime Minister chaired a national conference on tourism development in an effort to seek solutions to break bottlenecks in business activities and facilitate the development of tourism.

Especially, VNAT and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism drafted the Project “Developing tourism into a key economic sector” and the revision of Tourism Law 2005, being grassroots for the Politburo to issue a Resolution on developing tourism into a key economic industry and the National Assembly to approve Tourism Law 2017. This would be a vital legal corridor for tourism development in future.

All of these milestones have been introduced in Viet Nam Tourism Annual Report 2016, along with overview of global tourism, opportunities and challenges as well as outlook for Viet Nam Tourism. remarkable events of the sector in 2016

Viet Nam Tourism Annual Report 2016 would be useful for central and local tourism management bodies, tourism enterprises, tourism training establishments, and relevant organizations within the country and abroad in fields of research, management, policy development…

Viet Nam Tourism Annual Report 2016 was compiled by the Tourism Information Technology Centre and relevant functional departments of VNAT.

Detail figures demonstrate performance of Viet Nam tourism in 2016

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