UK newspaper talks up Viet Nam-Cambodia cruise

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British tabloid Daily Mail has listed a cruise from Viet Nam to Cambodia among the top global river tours of 2019.

Vietnamese-Australian celebrity chef Luke Nguyen is rolling up his sleeves to organize a cruise on the Mekong River next year, taking tourists through some famous landscapes in Viet Nam and Cambodia.

And the U.K. newspaper described the journey as a must-try experience in 2019, saying tourists would have a chance to “see the differences between busy Viet Nam and slower-paced Cambodia.”

The 16-day tour, including a seven-night cruise, is scheduled to begin on October 28, 2019, and stop by in Ho Chi Minh City where the famous chef will guide tourists on how to explore the old Saigon where his parents used to live.

When you’re on board, don’t miss watching sunrise at Angkor Wat in Cambodia or grabbing a taste of champagne and toast for breakfast, the newspaper says.

The other top river tours recommended by the British newspaper include a Treasures of Burgundy & Provence cruise connecting the Rhone and Soane Rivers, a cruise on the Nile to discover ancient Egypt and a tour on the Lower Danube River in Europe.  

Food and Wine, one of the most respected lifestyle magazines, last year named a in Vietnam as one of the 11 best trips for the retiree, which also included scenic rides in North America and a tour through historic and picturesque Israel.

In 2016 U.S. travel site Business Insider said an overnight Ha Long cruise is a “must-try” travel experience in Asia.

Source: Vnexpress