Year end, the best time to visit Da Lat

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The resort town of Da Lat is well-known at home and abroad thanks to its year-round cool climate, green pine forests, misty landscape, and resplendent architectural gems dating back to the colonial era.

Than Tho (Lament) Lake in Da Lat

Nicknamed ‘Little Paris’, Da Lat, the city of eternal spring, flowers and love, has gained popularity as a romantic place for couples to enjoy their honeymoon.

The town, situated 1,500 metres above sea level, has repeatedly been praised by the media and travel websites around the world.

The New York Times named Da Lat among the world’s 52 must-visit places in 2016 while TripAdvisor readers ranked it in the top 10 list of rising destinations in Asia.

Local travellers are recommended to plan a holiday in Da Lat during the year end. The town welcomed 3.38 million visitors in the first six months of this year, including 245,000 foreigners.

Source: VNS