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Update: Friday, December 27, 2013
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After 10 years of implementation  with the help of UNESCO, University of Polytechnic of Milan (Italia) and Vietnam Ministry of Culture, Tourism and  Sports,  the Safeguarding My Son World Heritage Site Project completed successfully in the middle of December 2013.

This 1,6 million USD worth Safeguarding My Son World Heritage site 2003-2013 project  (funded by the Italian Government) concentrated in restoration, conservation and protection of Cham monuments of My Son Sanctuary Site, including the G tower group (G1, G2, G3 and G5) by using bricks produced in Quang Nam  province which met the demands of structure, colour and baking method of the ancient Cham people for  building and protecting their towers throughout Viet Nam in past centuries. A part of finance was used to organize workshops on training conservation skill, maintenance, operation and protecting this heritage for the staffs of the heritage conservation and the Managing Board of My Son Relic Site…

The experts from Italia, UNESCO and workers always stood beside together in the days of restoration and safeguarding the monument Group G

During phase 1 of this project (2002-2005), the G3 and G5 buildings and the enclosing wall were restored and strengthened. As part of the archaeological dig, researchers excavated an area larger than 1800 m2, inventoried 1200 arte facts, employed the technique of geophysical prospecting on the entire Group G area, dated several bricks using thermo luminescent dating, took tile and pottery samples, and studied building  materials and construction techniques used in Cham architecture.

During phase 2 (2007-2010), monuments in the G1 group were restored and Vietnamese technical staff and heritage managers were trained in heritage safeguarding measures. This phase also produced a catalogue of all Cham monuments on the site and a classification of excavated arte facts, a comprehensive site interpretation plan and a guideline for the restoration of Cham and Hindu-influenced towers in the region…

Based on results of the first two phases, in the phase 3, the Quang Nam People’s Committee and the Italian Lerici Foundation have committed to further consolidate and restore the monuments and prepare for future visitation activities at the My Son Sanctuary Site.

“Over 10 years of work, the Viet Nam-Italy-UNESCO tripartite partnership has yielded significant results: the restoration of Group G monuments, a standard documentation of archaeological research, and archaeological excavations of arte facts. The project also helps build My Son risk maps and geographic information system (GIS) monuments, research in material characteristic and building techniques of the ancient Cham builders”, said UNESCO's representative and head of the Ha Noi Office, Katherine Muller Marin.

She added that, it also promotes sustainable tourism development, museum space, capacity building and documentation of lessons learned for production of guidelines for archaeological studies and conservation of Cham  monument complexes. The project also helps build My Son risk maps and geographic information system (GIS) monuments, research in material characteristic and building techniques of the ancient Cham builders…”

Speaking about this even, Mr. Huynh Khanh Toan, Vice chairman of Quang Nam provincial People's Committee said: “The restoration of Group G would be an example for the conservation of Cham monuments. It also highlights concrete results of the collaboration between Quang Nam and UNESCO over the past decade, providing evidence of how heritage tourism and creative industries can contribute to sustainable development…”

Reportedly, a training school for staffs of the heritage conservation project should be built, according to the needs of the province and central region.