Improving quality of four-island tour in Nha Trang

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Confronted with declination in quality of four-island tour, tour operators in Nha Trang have coordinated with each other to improve its quality.

Four-island tour has been formed for 20 years and become familiar with tourists when traveling to Nha Trang. The tour takes travelers to four islands, namely Tri Nguyen, Hon Tam, Hon Mun and Hon Mot, where they can contemplate beautiful sea and island landscape, joining sea sports games, diving and enjoying meals.



For its attraction, more and more businesses have operated this tour. However, unhealthy competition among businesses has lowered the tour’s quality. Some businesses offer low prices but don’t ensure the quality. “In 1993, a four-island tour cost VND70,000/person. While prices escalate sharply, the tour price has risen to only VND90,000 now. How can it keep the quality?”, said Bui Minh Thang, Head of Travel Branch of Khanh Hoa Provincial Tourism Association.


To improve quality of the tour, recently, the provincial Khanh Hoa Tourism Association decided to establish Four-island Tour Unit under Travel Branch with an aim to find out a same voice for the tour operators. 8 out of 11 businesses operating four-island tours have joined the unit. They are Nha Trang Island, Fairvland Travel,  Tu Hai, Tien Tien, Funky Monkey, Hieu Quan, Nha Trang Tourist and Nha Trang Sea Tourist.


The unit establishment is a good sign to better the tour. The participants are expected to operate the tour according to a general regulation which fixes the tour price, itinerary, transport, meals and some others.


According to Ho Van Tin, the Director of Nha Trang Tourism Service Trading Limited Company and Deputy Chief of Four-Island Tour Unit, agreement among the tour operators will help themselves avoid price pressure, make the business more professional and gain prestige in tourists.


Deputy Director of the provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism Phan Thanh Truc also affirmed that the voluntary cooperation among four-island tour operators is a necessary step, and the Department hopes member of Four-Island Tour Unit will come to a united operation and then improve quality of the tour.

Source: Khanhhoanews