VNAT’s General Director Nguyen Van Tuan works with the Russian Federal Agency for Tourism’s General Director

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(TITC) - On 26 June 2014, Viet Nam National Administration of Tourism’s (VNAT) General Director, Mr. Nguyen Van Tuan had a meeting with Russian Federal Agency for Tourism’s (RFAT) Acting General Director, Mr. Oleg P.Safonov in Moscow.  


At the meeting, Mr. Oleg P.Safonov valued achievements of Viet Nam tourism - a favorite destination of Russian tourists for years. He also hoped to lure more Vietnamese tourists to Russia in the coming time.


VNAT’s General Director Mr. Nguyen Van Tuan affirmed Russia has been one of the most important source markets of Viet Nam tourism. He highly spoke of close relationship between the two countries which helps strengthen bilateral tourism cooperation.


To ensure the effective cooperation, the two sides agreed to impulse concrete cooperation activities such as: facilitating travel between the two countries; ensuring security, safety and service quality for tourists; cooperating in destination marketing through exchanging and updating information on internet; organizing presstrips, famtrips to introduce attractions of the two countries; considering to support in education and training for Vietnamese tourism staffs in Russia.


In conclusion of the meeting, General Director Nguyen Van Tuan extended his invitation to RFAT’s General Director to visit Viet Nam in the coming time. Mr. Oleg P.Safonov pleasantly accepted the invitation and promised to visit Viet Nam at appropriate time.


Thanh Tam