Leading online tourism site highlights 95 attractions in Ha Noi

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Ha Noi's Ca Tru Club, the Old Quarter and Vietnamese Women's Museum were among 95 attractions that tourists choose when visiting the capital, according to the internationally popular travel website, www.tripadvisor.com, based in the US.

The list of attractions was compiled this year based on reviews from tourists who had visited the city.

The club was established in 1990 and has been organising performances as well as making a serious effort to preserve and spread the art of ca tru, a World Intangible Cultural Heritage in need of urgent safeguarding, the website said.

Another popular destination, Ha Noi's Old Quarter, includes 40 streets packed with shops selling all kinds of goods, and each street is named for its primary good or service. The Vietnamese Women's Museum highlights the role of women in the country's history and culture.

Source: VNS