Ceremonial Ploughing Festival opens in Ha Nam province

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Le Tich Dien or the Ceremonial Ploughing Festival took place in the northern province of Ha Nam on February 25.

Thousands of local residents and visitors attended the traditional annual farming celebration to pray for good weather and a bumper harvest.

Music and dance performances and cultural activities were held during the festival such as drum beating, folk singing, parade, and incense offering.

The first Le Tich Dien was held in 987 AD during the reign of King Le Dai Hanh in the then capital Hoa Lu (in the northern province of Ninh Binh nowadays). The king himself acted as master of ceremonies and personally ploughed the field. Agriculture always plays an important role in Vietnam’s national economy. All Kings of the past dynasties attached great importance to promoting agricultural production.

Le Tich Dien is considered a cultural highlight of the first few days in the New Year that helps younger generations deepen their understandings of traditional customs and show their love for rice farming, key to national development at that time.

Source: VOV