Mekong Delta - Asia’s unexploited travel destination

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Victoria Hotels & Resorts officially launch a tourism promotion campaign to promote the much-undiscovered region of Mekong Delta. Packages, promotions and campaigns focused on Victoria’s Hotel properties and touring routes will be launched over the coming months to promote Asia’s next hot travel destination.

Most visitors to Vietnam spend on average just one or at most two days in southern Vietnam, focusing their time on Ho Chi Minh City to explore the Cu Chi tunnels before heading off to see the myriad of other fascinating attractions that Vietnam has to offer. However, they are missing out on the chance to explore the Mekong Delta - one of Asia's most authentic but least explored regions.

Only a few hours from Ho Chi Minh City, the Mekong Delta is not only a unique and picturesque natural environment but because the region is still untouched by mass tourism, its unique mix of cultures and customs have been preserved and still thrive. The Mekong Delta is home to many diverse communities where visitors can learn about Khmer, Vietnamese, Chinese and Muslim Cham ways of life. All of the Delta’s communities live their lives on and around the river and life flows at its own pace. Visitors to this region won’t be able to help themselves as the Delta way of life seeps in and they too slow down and soak in authentic river life.