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Banh Khoai (Fried sweet potato cake)
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Banh khoai is an interesting choice for the youths in cold winter days. In chilly evenings, on the crowded streets in the rush time, charming aroma of 'banh khoai', 'banh chuoi' spreads to every corners, making the passers ravenous.

Sweet potato to make Banh khoai is saffron sweet potato which is grown in Red river bank. Potato is washed, crated the skin then cut into thin slices.

Potato slices are mix with batter which is made the same way as banh chuoi’s batter. The seller arrange some potato slices in a ladle, sprinkle a little viscous batter over, then slowly drop in boiling cooking oil. Just for a short while, the cake turns golden brown, and has charming smell. Taking a bite of the steaming hot crispy cake, we can fully enjoy the greasy taste of dough blending with sweetness of potato.

Just made from simple and rustic ingredients, banh khoai has come a favourite nosh of many student generations in winter days.

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