Discover the beauty of Viet Nam on Youtube digital platform

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- On January 7, 2021, the Vietnam tourism promotion program on YouTube platform was officially launched. The program was implemented by the Tourism Information Technology Center (Vietnam National Administration of Tourism) with the support of Google and VinPearl in response to the tourism stimulus program "Vietnam Tourism: Safe and Attractive” launched by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Let's explore the beauty of Viet Nam! Traveling on the majestic Northwest pass, discovering attractive pristine lands, enjoying unique cuisine or immersing in the charming blue sea ... are emotional journeys of YouTube content creators.
In the “Discover Viet Nam” program, there are many famous and influential YouTube content creators, who have a large number of subscribers such as H'Hen Niê, Chan La Ca, Khoai Lang Thang, Helly Tong, Fly Around Vietnam... Each YouTube content creators will act as an "online tour guide" exploring the beauty of Vietnamese culture, cuisine, people and nature. After each trip, content creators will share these videos on their personal YouTube channel and VNAT's official YouTube channel at:
The experience videos of YouTube content creators will contribute to promoting Viet Nam tourism through vivid films and genuine emotions, spreading the natural beauty, hospitality and love for the country to Vietnamese people and tourists.
The demand for online travel information is becoming a popular trend. Notably, in June and July 2020 after the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism launched a program to stimulate domestic tourism, the number of digital searches for tourist destinations on Google platform has skyrocketed, at some certain times increasing by 66% over the same period in 2019.
YouTube is the leading online video sharing platform today, with about 2 billion users per month and an important source of information for nearly 60% of global travelers in finding travel inspiration, chosing destination and sharing experience.
The program to promote Viet Nam tourism on YouTube digital platform with the support of Google, VinPearl and the participation of famous YouTube content creators showed the determination of the tourism industry in the application of digital technology to support tourism development.
“Discover Viet Nam” program will effectively contribute to the tourism stimulus program, triggering travel inspiration of Vietnamese people from the beginning of the new year 2021. This will be a useful channel for tourists to find tourism products and destinations for future trips.
Tourism Information Technology Center