Heavenly scenery of green moss in Ly Son Island

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As the weather turns to be warmer in spring, dispelling cold winds throughout Ly Son Island, it’s the time for visitors to admire the once-a-year magical scenery in the place.

Being considered as the “fairy island” in the middle of the ocean, it’s undoubtedly a destination that travelers should not miss when traveling to Vietnam’s central coast province of Quang Ngai. In Spring, all the rocks and cliffs in Ly Son island are covered with mosses in various colours from yellow green to dark green and dark yellow.

Ly Son is an island belonging to the Quang Ngai coastal province, where borders Quang Nam and Binh Dịnh provinces in the north and south respectively. This island is also known as “The Kingdom of Garlic” because it is the only place in Vietnam where garlic and onions are grown in the sand.

The green mosses are raising from the deep ocean, covering all over the million-year-old lava rocks. 

The time from late-February to early-March is the most appropriate for visitors to contemplate this wonderful scenery.


Seaweed and moss are in various colours, making up an extraordinary natural picture of the ocean. 

Not only green, a few algae and moss have other funky colours. This million-year-old rock changes its cloth to dark yellow in Spring. 

The lava rock in Hang Cau landscape looks like a green monster in a Walt Disney’s fairy motion picture.

The moss season in Ly Son starts from January to the end of March every year. Visitors have to wait patiently cause the “field” of green algae and moss only appeared when the tide recedes.

Seaweed and moss were picked up by Ly Son people and dried as fertilizer for onion and garlic. Meanwhile, several types of edible seaweed have brought about high income for the people of Ly Son.

Moss covers the most on volcanic sedimentary rocks near the tourist sites of Hang Co (Stork Cave), Thac Lua (Silk Waterfall), Hang Cau (Cau Cave) and on the rocks in front of Chua Hang (Pagoda Cave).

Source: hanoitimes