The Black Virgin Mountain - a spiritual destination for Buddhist in Spring 2021

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The 300-year-old pagoda with the Buddha statue on top the highest mountain in the Southeast is a favorite spiritual destination of locals and Buddhists in the spring.

Situated at 986 meters above sea level, Nui Ba Den or Black Virgin Mountain is considered as the rooftop of Vietnam southern area. The mountain, covered by white clouds all year round, is an indispensable spiritual destination for Tay Ninh people and Buddhists in the regions every Tet Holiday and Spring.

In early days of Spring, the whole scenery of the sacred Ba Den mountain is magically beautiful with thousands of colorful blooming flowers underneath the thin layer of mist. 

This Tet holiday of the buffalo is also a special event when a wonderful giant statue of Buddha is inaugurated, adding a new spiritual monument to the site.  

With a total height of 72 meter, cast with more than 170 tons of bronze, the Buddha statue has been recognized as “Asia’s highest copper structure located on a mountain’s peak” and “The tallest bronze Buddha statue in Vietnam located on a mountain’s peak” by the World Guinness Records. 

Standing on the mountain top amid the white clouds, Avalokiteśvara Buddha directs her compassionate eyes towards the fertile Tay Ninh plain giving blessings and peace to the people and the nation.

Along with Chua Ba (Lady Pagoda), Black Virgin Mountain is a famous sacred destination throughout the Southern region. Before Covid-19 pandemic, there used to be lots of local and international tourists and Buddhists flocked here on the occasion of Lunar New Year, praying for peace and good fortune.

Not only attracting tourists by its meaningful spiritual journey, today's Black Virgin Mountain also becomes splendid tourism destination with beautiful scenery of lush green trees and all-year-round blooming flowers. 

On a spring tour to worship Buddha this year, visitors can also enjoy the wonderful nature of Tay Ninh from the cable car in the middle of the sky...

.. or take some snapshots in the “European corner” at the newly opened tourism site.

Nearly 100,000 flower pots of all kinds such as rosemary, hydrangeas, elixir, imitation stars and firecrackers are all blooming right before Tet for serving tourists.  

Travelling to the tourist site this year, visitors also have chance to experience local outstanding gastronomy as the Van Son buffet restaurant had just opened its door in February 12. The restaurant serves during the lunch and dinner time with over 80 dishes from all regions of the country. 

Meeting the needs of travelers to the sightseeing, the Chua Ba cable line operates 22/24 hours (excluding hours from 2pm to 4pm), whistle Van Son cable line to the top of the mountain operates from 5am – 11pm daily. The price for two-way ticket is at VND250,000 (US$10) per adult and VND150,000 (US$ 6) for children from 1 to 1,4 meters. Kids under one-meter tall enjoy free of charge. 

It such a wonderful moment of life for families and visitors who take a spiritual trip to the Black Virgin Mountain on the occasion of the Spring, praying for a new year with full of energy, lucky and happiness.

Thuy Duong - Bich Hoi

Source: hanoitimes