Developing community - based tourism in Xeo Quyt National Relic Area

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– Located in My Long and My Hiep communes (Cao Lanh District, Dong Thap Province), Xeo Quyt National Relic Area is an attractive destination with historical and cultural values as well as the diversity of natural resources. Xeo Quyt also attracts tourists thanks to its sustainable community-based tourism.

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Former revolutionary base becomes tourism destination

Xeo Quyt used to be a marshy area, home to many wild animals, and a revolutionary base in the resistance war against America during years 1960s.

Today, coming to Xeo Quyt, visitors have the opportunity to explore the historic site of about 50 hectares, covered with 20 hectares of old cajuput forest with diverse fauna and flora including: 170 species of plants; 200 species of wild animals, reptiles, of which 13 species of animals have been listed in the Red Book of Vietnam. The area is strictly protected, making Xeo Quyt an attractive eco-tourist destination.

Following a unique 1.5km-long path under the shade of trees or floating on boats through small creeks, visitors will find themselves immersed in the green natural space, exploring the old battlefield, listening to stories about the arduous lives of revolutionary soldiers in secret bases, shacks, kitchens, meeting rooms... These relic items are still preserved up to now.

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Developing community – based tourism

Historic relics in Xeo Quyt National Relic Area are preserved, embellished and restored associated with the protection of landscape, nature and environment.

Coming to Xeo Quyt, visitors will have chance to join interesting experiences such as rowling boats, fishing in river, practise basket knitting. In addition, visitors can also enjoy local dishes and the melody of Don ca tai tu songs.

Visiting the area, tourists can find the local community telling stories of historical events. Mr. Nguyen Thanh Xuan, 85 year old, one of witnesses, shared: “The war had ended, but the memoirs of supplying food, medicine, and protection of revolutionary cadres are still in my mind. Telling visitors about the stories I had witnessed, I feel proud of having contributed to preserving history and traditions for the next generation”.

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Thanks to the development of cultural heritage conservation and community-based tourism, Xeo Quyt National Relic Area has become an attractive tourist destination in Viet Nam.

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