Stunning images showcases beautiful sights of Ha Giang province

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The northern mountainous province of Ha Giang is renowned for its majestic beauty, awesome landscapes, and flowers in full bloom, especially during the spring.

Many travelers visit Ha Giang province as it remains beautiful throughout the year. The spring is widely considered to be the best time due to the blossoming of peach, plum, and Hoa Gao, also known as bombax ceiba, which serves to create romantic scenery.

The cool weather during the spring months offers guests the perfect opportunity to discover the array of beautiful sights in the locality, including perilous trails, steep cliffs, and an unspoiled landscape, all of which serves to make Ha Giang a must-see destination for nature lovers.

Sitting upon a steep cliff whilst admiring the unspoiled landscape can be an unforgettable experience for young tourists.

Peach trees are planted in front of an ethnic house in the province.

Peach trees can be easily spotted in Sung La valley, on the way to Dong Van rock plateau, and in the centre of Ha Giang city.

Tourists are able to pay a visit to Lao Xa and Lo Lo Chai hamlets and snap photos with peach and plum flowers.

A beautiful peach tree can be seen in full bloom during the spring.

The road along the mountainside appears very romantic, with spectacular scenery creating an ideal destination for tourists.

The most thrilling experience for tourists visiting Ha Giang is conquering Ma Pi Leng pass.

Guests are able to witness the epic scenery of Nho Que river from Ma Pi Leng pass.

The beautiful sights of Ha Giang province are well worth a visit this spring.

Source: VOV