Sin Suoi Ho flea market bustling with ethnic activities

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Sin Suoi Ho village situated in the northern mountainous province of Lai Chau hosts a flea market every Saturday, providing a chance for local residents to trade items such as embroidered clothes, handicrafts, farm products, and food.

Sin Suoi Ho village is located roughly 30km from the centre of Lai Chau city, attracting visitors due to the pristine beauty of the local landscape. The village sits 1,500 metres above sea level, with the weather being cool all year round.

The flea market is home to a lively atmosphere with plenty of trades taking place among local people.

Visitors have chance to sample some of the drinks made by ethnic people.

Guests receive free ginseng when visiting the market.

Embroidered products are put on sale.

Farm products grown by local residents are available for purchase at the market.

Traditional art performances are re-enacted at the site for everyone to enjoy.

The flea market represents an ideal place for tourists to visit at the weekend.

Source: VOV