Chu Bluk Volcano - the “trendy” trekking destination for youngsters

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- Located deep in the middle of high mountain and thick forest of the Central Highlands (Tay Nguyen) - Chu Bluk volcanic cave complex (in Dak Nong Province) is well-known as the longest volcanic cave complex in Southeast Asia. It is located in Dak Nong Geopark recognised by UNESCO as a Global Geopark. And Chu Bluk is currently a name that makes youngsters go “insane” to check-in together.

Instead of backpacking, youngsters choose trekking for experiencing new things. A destination with rivers, mountains and forests, from light activities to adventure games of swinging, climbing waterfalls, etc. all converge in Chu Bluk.

Trekking - A growing trendy trend among youngsters

Trekking, by definition, is a long-distance hiking, consisting of walking for several days or weeks and being entirely or partially self-sufficient. Trekking can make health benefits as it improves physical health immensely, gives the whole body a workout, improves people's strength, agility and cardio fitness through the trail, climbing around boulders, rock hopping and ascending hills.

Over the past year, tourism has become a “luxury” key word for travel lovers in general and especially for youngsters. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, many things have been completely changed, totally turning society upside down, even people’s habits in all aspects of life. Then, people tend to choose active forms of tourism to improve health and challenge new experiences. The Chu Bluk volcano is now known as an icon of the Central Highlands where has many attracting trekking sites with challenging terrain and mysterious mountains.

Chu Bluk - The perfect choice for unique experiences

Chu Bluk Volcanic Cave, also known as Bat Cave, is about 25km long, in Buon Choah Commune, Krong No District, Dak Nong Province, and it is about 20km from the center of Krong No District.

The cave extends from the area of ​​Dray Sap waterfall to Buon Choah cave, inside is divided into more than 100 large and small caves thanks to the flow of lava millions of years ago, hidden in basalt. Chu Bluk possesses a primitive beauty and countless mysteries to be discovered.

There are many fascinating activities to explore Chu Bluk Volcanic Cave and one of the activities that can give visitors a full experience of the “soul” of the largest cave is the 9-km trekking route to reach the destination. Walking on bumpy volcanic rocks, in the middle of the lava field with luxuriant trees and plants, visitors will have a mixed feeling of a frisson of excitement. In return, the scenery of blue sky, a few white puffs of cloud sailing in the thin blue air on the theme of green mountains and forests along the trekking will not disappoint visitors.

Also in this journey, visitors do not miss the experiences such as swinging on a height of 20m, challenge them self with rafting on the legendary Serepok River, etc.

Rafting on the legendary Serepok River

What’s more? How about cycling to visit the ethnic minority villages, passing through fragrant coffee fields stretching 3km with a few winding roads and vertical slopes? or “chillax” with a warm cup of coffee next to the “muse” Dray Nur waterfall. Besides, there are a massive number of activities that visitors can pick up while coming to Chu Bluk, such as camping, baking sweet potatoes, bbq, singing, dancing, etc. in the middle of the majestic mountains for a worthwhile moment.

Surely, after this trip, visitors have an album with tons of photos that save a wide range of extreme activities, so visitors can “show off” to their friends or post on the social medias.

“Chillax” next to the “muse” Dray Nur waterfall

Let’s leave behind the hustle life of the urban city, giving oneself a trekking to Chu Bluk, crossing waterfalls to admire blossoms, living and enjoying the atmosphere of the mountains.

The ideal time to explore Chu Bluk

Inside the Dak Nong volcanic cave, the temperature usually remains stable at 25ºC, so it is extremely cool. Ideal for the journey to Chu Bluk is the time of spring and early summer, when the vegetation is green, the sun is beautiful and there is little rain, it is easy for visitors to move in and get beautiful pictures. Visitors need to make sure to have directions or follow a group of people.

Because the way to Chu Bluk volcanic cave is mainly basalt red soil, so visitors should limit traveling during the rainy season from May to October. In the rainy season, it is not safe to move. Inside the cave is slippery.

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