A beautiful escape to Ban Than Cliff - Quang Nam Province

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- Since the COVID-19 pandemic has changed many things, including the tourism trend, people tend to choose to travel “away from the crowd”, go back to nature and explore many new things in the state of “new normal”. Ban Than Cliff in Tam Hai Island Commune (Nui Thanh District, Quang Nam Province) would be a great escape destination. Surely visitors will enjoy the immense sky, clouds and rivers, especially cliffs with green moss that only this season can have…

Green moss on Ban Thanh Cliff

From Tam Ky City, visitors follow the south by National Highway 1A to Nui Thanh Town, pass An Tan Bridge for about 300 metres then turn left along route 618 through Tam Quang Commune. Via Tam Quang ferry at the mouth of Ky Ha River, visitors will reach Tam Hai Island Commune, surrounded by three sides with rivers and one with sea, the terrain possesses many beautiful scenes and historical and cultural relics. Additionally, this place also holds the richness of the marine world with large coral reefs and diverse marine life. These local spots are familiar to visitors such as Ban Thanh Cliff, Bac Beach, Nom Beach, Lo Gate, An Hoa Gate, Mang Islet, Dua (Pineapple) Islet, Dien Khanh Pagoda, Whale Graveyard, etc. Especially, there is an ancient well of Champa… with a depth of about 10m, a diameter of 1.3m, surrounded by concrete walls with two pillars at the entrance. This is a proof of the presence of the Champa culture in the land of Tam Hai.

In the journey to discover the tourism potential of Tam Hai Island Commune, Ban Than Cliff is one of the attractions with charming scenery that visitors can have a stopover and experience a series of rapids along the shore with diverse shapes. In the midst of an endless blue sky, clouds and waves, the black rocks are stacked layer by layer on the immense sea, creating a picture of primitive nature that attracts visitors. Coming to Ban Than Cliff in the spring, especially at the time of February, visitors will be amazed by the beauty of the mossy green rocks here. After the long winter days with many heavy and cold rains, at this time, the weather was chilly so the moss grew greener on the rocky shores of the coastal waves.

In the morning when the sun is shining brightly on the waves and in the afternoon, the sun goes down to the golden stream, walking on the rocks, sitting on that green moss, peacefully listen to the waves crashing on the rocky shore, the green moss following the water, such a mesmerising scene. Ban Than Cliff is 1km long, surrounded by a small mountain, with many rocky ranges, stone niches and flat stone tables. Standing on this side of the cliff, looking to the other side are small islands such as Mang Islet, Dua (Pineapple) Islet, Da Chim Islet…, with many coral reefs in strange shapes. In the January and February season, there are massive of green mosses on the layer. It is a warning for visitors to be careful while walking since it will be slippery. With rocky outcrops of many unique shapes, underneath are green moss-covered rocks, along with blue sky, white clouds, crystalline sea and white foaming waves, visitors are free to have interesting moments to enjoy and take photos.

On these days at Ban Than Cliff, patches of moss are still green, growing softly on the rocks along the water’s edge. Visitors coming here, not only enjoy this charming scenery, but will also be attracted to enjoy the typical cuisine of the fresh ocean with seafood such as squids, prawns, crabs, snails, etc. Or leisurely have a seat and drink fresh coconut juice, or savour a glass of sweet and cool seaweed jelly while admiring the clouds, the sky and the immense sea.

Tam Hai Island is a highlight on the tourist map of Quang Nam Province, in which the Ban Than Cliff with the pristine beauty and masterpiece of nature bestowed with green moss will give visitors a new feeling.

Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana, what are you waiting for? Come to Ban Than Cliff and enjoy the beautiful escape trip this spring season.

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