Thanh Hoa opening Sea Tourism Festival 2022

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– On April 23, in Sam Son Beach Square, Thanh Hoa Province organized opening ceremony of Sea Tourism Festival 2022 with the theme "Sam Son flies high and far".

Opening the ceremony, Mr. Do Minh Tuan, Chairman of Thanh Hoa People's Committee affirmed that Thanh Hoa is the "bridge" between the North and the North Central region, making many great contributions in the process of nation building and national defense. Thanh Hoa is the homeland of rich and unique tangible and intangible cultural heritage sites.

Located in Thanh Hoa Province, Sam Son is known as the place of beautiful beaches, mountains, fresh climate, and interesting relics and landscapes.

The opening ceremony introduced to the people, domestic and foreign tourists the history of formation and development of Sam Son tourism over 115 years; ermphasizing positive changes in urban appearance and quality of tourism services in Sam Son.

In the framework of the sea tourism season in 2022, many interesting activities will take place such as street carnival on Ho Xuan Huong Street and Trong Mai Rocks (April 30, May 1, July 9); kite flying, parachute festival on beach (4, 5, 18, 19 of June); Chung Cake – Day Cake Festival at Doc Cuoc Temple (9-10 of June); festival of fishing, boat racing at Lach Hoi fishing port (11-12 of June).

In addition, the city also open exhibitions to introduce local products and organizes walking streets, night markets, cultural festivals of ethnic groups and performances of traditional costumes of Thanh Hoa Province, art programs every Saturday night.

Sam Son City aims to welcome 3.5 million tourist arrivals in 2022.

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