Phu Quoc - Leading resort and entertainment paradise in Southeast Asia

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Phu Quoc is the largest island in Vietnam and boasts a mild climate and natural beauty. It has gradually become a resort paradise for both domestic and foreign tourists, a land rich in primaeval forests, pristine poetic beaches, and a host of resorts and high-end entertainment venues.

The Grand World sleepless festival city recreates a splendid miniature Venice at night on Phu Quoc. (Photo: VNA)

The largest theme park in Vietnam, on Phu Quoc, or Pearl Island. (Photo: VNA)

The Colours of Venice programme is performed every night at 9.30 pm at the Grand World sleepless festival city at the Phu Quoc United Center. (Photo: VNA)

Canoes take tourists out to May Rut Island, one of the most pristine and beautiful islands in the Phu Quoc chain. (Photo: VNP/VNA)

Mediterranean town, Phu Quoc Island. (Photo: VNP/VNA)

The Hon Thom cable car route is the world longest and was invested in by the Sun Group. It has two terminals, 6 posts, and 69 cabins, each of which can carry 30 passengers. (Photo: VNP/VNA)

Source: VNA - May 3, 2022