Exciting Carnival Festival in the coastal city of Sam Son

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- Last weekend, in Sam Son Coastal City, thousands of local people and visitors had a chance to enjoy a “hearty colour feast” of Sam Son Carnival 2022.

Colourful Carnival Festival in Sam Son is back

The festival officially started from 4.30 pm, on Saturday and Sunday afternoon (18th-19th June 2022), however, visitors had gathered an hour earlier at the Sam Son Square - the main stage of Sam Son Carnival 2022. The outstanding stage and dancers in colourful costumes by the beach at the weekend set Sam Son on fire.

Although this is the 3rd year Sun Group organised Carnival in this coastal city, Sam Son Carnival in each year offers different colours and atmospheres. On the 2.4km long parade route, nearly 100 dancers from many countries around the world such as Brazil, Moldova, Colombia, etc. dressing in impressive colourful costumes appeared under the enthusiastic welcome of the audiences.

From the starting point in the Sam Son Square, dancers with flower carts bring the perspective of tourism icons of Thanh Hoa City and other lands such as Dong Son bronze drum, Ho Dynasty Citadel, Golden Bridge, etc., stirring up the atmosphere along the route to the second stage at Le Thanh Tong intersection.

The Sam Son Coastal City at the weekend was full of exciting colour and music. Many visitors could not stop jamming along with dancers. Although street carnival is no longer a new festival after 2 years of taking place, with the people of the coastal city, every time it happens, it still makes many hearts flutter, when it always brings the "satisfaction" in both visual and auditory. Enjoy Sam Son Carnival 2022, local people and visitors feel like they are living in the colourful South American movies: passionate and hot scenes.

The highlight of the festival came from the costumes are elaborately and brilliantly designed to "blow up" the atmosphere.

Beside the unique costumes of international dancers, Vietnamese dancers made an impression with their traditional costumes.

Visitors were enjoying themselves along the street, some of them even followed the parade and recorded memorable pictures of Carnival Festival.

In the afternoon sun by the sea, the artists did their best to give the audience attractive and emotional performances. Carnival Festival is a great opportunity to shorten the distance between the audiences and the artists when they do not hesitate to exchange smiles, handshakes or hugs. Moments spent with artists and actors of the carnival left a memorable imprint in a fiery and attractive summer in Sam Son this June.

By organising a series of festivals such as series of art shows Sun Fest take place every Saturday, Sam Son car festival, etc., Sam Son is becoming the spotlight of this summer and Sam Son Carnival 2022 is the most impressive show by Sun Group, reviving Sam Son after a series of quiet days due to the pandemic.


Photo: nhandan.vn