Ancestral lands typical cultural values promoted to attract tourists

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{mosimage}For years, the northern province of Phu Tho, where the Hung Kings Temple is situated, has paid attention to maintaining, exploiting and promoting cultural values of the ancestral land.

The culture and information sector, together with relevant bodies, has restored many traditional folk festivals such as Cau Trau, Mr Khiu procession festival, Chai throwing festival and Hung King Temple festival, etc.

Various kinds of folk cultures are used in the traditional festivals, including a competition on making square cakes and rice cakes, cooking rice, beating bronze drums and singing xoan.

Since 2000, the culture and information sector has collected more than 2,000 objects and documents for research work and display at museums in order to serve tourists.

Apart from boosting the work of researching and collecting traditional cultural values of the ancestral land, the culture and information sector has also paid much attention to bringing folk cultures into life.

The cultural sector, in co-ordination with the education and training sector, has organised a great deal of training courses on singing xoan, a kind of local folk song, for teachers so that they will re-teach their pupils.

Last year, xoan songs were introduced for the first time to regional and international friends at a seminar on folk culture held in Thailand.

On the occasion of the recent 61st anniversary of the August Revolution and the National Day, the province held a festive day of cultures of ethnic minority groups.

The festival featured various activities such as palanquin procession, shows of ethnic costumes, folk games, and food and drink culture brought by people throughout the province.

In the coming years, the provincial people

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