Guideline manual on Logo and Slogan

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The new logo and slogan of Vietnam Tourism (Vietnam Timeless Charm) were approved by the minister of Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to be used officially for the National Tourism Promotion Programme during 2012 - 2015. Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism) encourages all Culture, Sports and Tourism Departments, enterprises within the Tourism Sector and other relevant stakeholders to use the logo and slogan in marketing and promotion activities to  enhance Vietnam Tourism’s visibility and competitiveness, and to help attracting more international tourists to Vietnam.

To meet technical requirements, all applications of the logo (with slogan) have to use duplication from the digitalized original that is provided below. It is strongly prohibited on replication and redrawing that could lead to wrongly use of pantone colours and logo structure. In order to use the logo/slogan right and apply it flexibly, designers need to read the Guideline Manual on logo and slogan.

Download (right-click on the link below and select ‘Save target as’):

- Explanation on the logo and slogan (vietnamese version)

- Guideline manual (vietnamese version)

- Original design file