Thanh Hoa finding ways to develop tourism

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Apart from advantages of Sam Son beach tourism, Thanh Hoa province has more than 1,500 historical sites and landscapes. However, many potentials of the provincial tourism have not been tapped yet.

Until now, there are a few tourists travelling to Sam Son beach. In summer, the beach was very busy. Despite overcoming the situation of one season tourism, tourists to Sam Son beach in three summer months still account for 80% of the total arrival of the year.

The Sam Son town drew 900,000 tourists in the first eight months of the year, earning VND 220 billion, reaching the set target four months ahead. However, the earnings are mainly from accommodation and food services; other services account for only 10% of the earnings.

In addition to sea bath, Sam Son also has other kinds of tours such as ecology, sports and entertainment. But these tours are not attractive. This year, some tours from Sam Son to cultural and historical sites have been opened, including tours to Ho Dynastys Citadel, Cam Luong fish stream, Lam Kinh site; nature reserves of Xuan Lien, Phu Hu and Pu Luong, and Ben En National Park.

There are more than 1,500 cultural and historical sites, landscapes, natural reserves and national parks in Thanh Hoa province. However, most of the historical sites are relics. The natural reserves have not been exploited well for tourism development.

Eco-tourism, MICE and festival tourism activities have accounted for just a small market share of the provincial tourism sectors revenues. A far vision for tourism development in Thanh Hoa is still left much to be desired. As a result, Doc Cuoc Pagoda and To Hien Thanh Pagoda in Sam Son lose their natural landscape because of other construction sites.

Eleven plans for tourism development in the province have been made but tourism projects are being implemented at a snails pace. Capital for infrastructure construction is not concentrated, so tourism potential is yet to be tapped satisfactorily.

Recently, the province has invested in expanding scales of some traditional festivals such as Lam Kinh Festival, Mai An Tiem Festival, square and rice cake festival with a view to meeting the spiritual needs of locals and tourists.


(Source: Nhan Dan)

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