Binh Duong New City - new attraction for tourists

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Binh Duong New City has gradually become a familiar destination for people from all walks of in the province and neighboring regions. Report by the Binh Duong online newspaper.  

This is because when coming to the new city, visitors' demands for culture, sports and entertainment will be fully served with diverse products.

Diversification of cultural institutions

As one of important elements for a city, the system of cultural institutions have got development at the same time with main works in Binh Duong New City. Speeding up investment in cultural institutions in the new city has helped the local residents and tourists to have more selections for their entertainment demand.

Many places like the Central Park, Sports Center, Lady Thien Hau Temple, Lucky Square Convention Center in Binh Duong New City have gradually become familiar with all people.

Noticeably, the Central Park has absorbed most visitors. This large park is designed with a harmonious combination between lake, lighting system, etc, creating a cool and green space for visitors during the daytime and a sparkling color by lamplight at night. Hence, it is always an ideal destination for picnics, return-to-the-root activities.

Along with cultural-sports institutions, many large-scale works in Binh Duong New City, including Integrated Administration Center, Convention Center,etc, have become attractive to visitors.

A series of restaurants, hotels, coffee schools and so on invested by individuals in Binh Duong New City will also serve visitors’ demand for entertainment at maximum level.

Efficiency upheld

Cultural-sports institutions in Binh Duong New City have lured more and more visitors. This shows that they are well upholding their efficiency. Currently, the Central Park draws thousands of visitors everyday.

Similarly, the Sports Center in Binh Duong New City has been bringing into play its certain efficiency. With great investment, the Sport Center including a mini-football ground, a tennis course, and a swimming pool is very attractive to many people who would like to take exercises.

According to statistics, it last year lured more than 10,000 participants. In the coming time, it will further put more practical models into operation, contributing to well serving the recreational demand for residents in Binh Duong New City and neighboring regions.

Hoi An pagoda and Lady Thien Hau Temple in the new city are also known by many people. Although just being built, the two pagoda have attracted more pilgrims, especially on Tet and great holidays. In 2013, they welcomed more than 100,000 pilgrims, thereby partially serving the demand for religious belief of residents in and out of the province.

Towards tourism development

Binh Duong New City is gradually becoming a familiar destination for the local residents and those living outside the province are also very eager to visit the new city.

Tran Minh Tam, a visitor from Ho Chi Minh city’s Cu Chi district said that he was very surprised at the scale of Binh Duong New City, especially the Integrated Administration Center, the Central Park…He and his family would continue paying a visit to the new city for the next time.

Possibly speaking, speeding up investment in cultural and sports institutions in Binh Duong New City has not only met residents’ demand for culture, sports and entertainment, but also contributed to promoting its position. According to Vo Thi Anh Xuan, acting director of provincial Tourism Promotion Center, if well upholding its promotion programmes, Binh Duong New City is sure to become one of the local tourism sector’s ideal destinations.

Source: VNA