Phu Yen: Meeting the cultural and spiritual needs for the people

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The Missions of the Provincial Standing People’s Council has monitored implementing Resolution 36 by the Provincial People’s Council on Phu Yen tourism development in the period of 2011-2015 in Tuy Hoa city. The results showed that there has been comprehensive development in the city tourism, motivating socio-eco development and significantly meeting the spiritual-cultural needs among the people.

Visitors to Phu Yen Museum, Tuy Hoa City

According to Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Tu, Vice Chairman of Tuy Hoa city’s People’s Committee, with the development requirements in the current situation and so as to meet the increasing demand of tourists, the city has focused on improving both the quality and quantity of the system of accommodation establishments, resorts, amusement parks and other services with about 3,000 employees. The locality has also organized maintaining, restoring the values ​​of natural cultural identity to build the types of tourism and tourism-specific products to meet the market needs. In addition, Tuy Hoa city has focused on developing the transport system to the tourism destinations, major attractions, creating favorable conditions for tourism development to the suburbs. In particular, the back-and-forth flights between Tuy Hoa city and Ho Chi Minh City, Tuy Hoa city and Hanoi become tourists’ transport channel with lots of advantages and quickness...

Ms. Linda Hang Tran, a Vietnamese American, let known: "Arriving in Tuy Hoa city recently, I am very satisfied with the serving manner, there are lots of beautiful restaurants, hotels and beaches. On the occasions of coming back to Vietnam, I have visited Phu Yen province and stayed in Tuy Hoa city for about one week to go sightseeing, listen to music on Nhan Mountain..." Mrs. Bui Thanh Phu, residing in ward 9, Tuy Hoa city, in the previous years, her family often traveled outside the province. However, in the recent years, her family occasionally travels within the city, because Tuy Hoa city frequently held traditional festivals, as impressive culture and sport events as elsewhere. Besides, the city has extended many routes linking the provincial tourist spots.

According to the People's Committee in Tuy Hoa city, from 2011 to 2015, around 2.2 million tourists are estimated to visit the province, with a total turnover of nearly VND 2,200 billion. It shows that the tourism activities in recent years in Tuy Hoa city have been comprehensively developing, contributing to effectively conducting the National target program on employment-poverty reduction, people have mutually helped to develop economy and become the direct forces engaging in tourism activities.

According to the Deputy Chairman of the Provincial People’s Council, Mr. Nguyen Huu Hiep, during the past time, the People’s Committee in Tuy Hoa city has made efforts in developing tourism activities in accordance with Resolution 36 by the Provincial Council. These achievements have contributed to raising the need of enjoying culture, entertainment among people. Despite many difficulties in funding, human resources and material facilities for the item, the local tourism industry will stimulus in the coming time thanks to the proposed solutions and the implementing determination of the city.

Source: Phu Yen news