“Traditional toys” exhibition opens in Ha Noi

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An exhibition titled “Traditional toys” showcasing lanterns, masks and traditional toys from Viet Nam, Japan and Denmark opened in the Trang Tien Plaza in Ha Noi on September 24th.

Vietnamese To he toys


The traditional handicraft toys such as Vietnamese To he (toy figurine) which is manually made with glutinous rice powder or Japanese traditional dolls are on display at the exhibition.


The event creates a chance for Vietnamese children to understand more about different cultures of their international friends in the mid-Autumn Festival.


On this occasion, Trang Tien Plaza presented 200 scholarships to poor pupils worth VND200 million with the aim of helping them have a meaningful mid-Autumn Festival.


Mid-Autumn traditional toys are considered to be special as they not only bring joy to children but are also a cultural treasure imbued with national identity, furthermore they are associated with the stories of childhood of many generations throughout Viet Nam.

Source: CPV