Promote tourism cooperation for the prosperity of ASEAN+3

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- Authorized by the Vietnamese Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, on February 5, 2021, VNAT’s Chairman Nguyen Trung Khanh attended the 20th online Meeting of ASEAN and China, Japan and Republic of Korea (ROK) Tourism Ministers.

Speaking at the meeting, Chairman Nguyen Trung Khanh informed that China, Japan, and ROK stand on Viet Nam’s top three inbound markets, and Viet Nam are pleased to collaborate with the three countries in many promotional activities. Despite the positive tourist exchange performance in 2019, due to the hit of COVID-19 pandemic, Viet Nam only welcomed 1.9 million tourists from China, Japan and ROK in 2020, decreasing by 82% to the previous year.

The proportion of China, Japan and ROK arrivals still accounts for more than 50% of total international arrivals to Viet Nam. This affirms the importance of these markets to Viet Nam tourism, and is also a motivation for Viet Nam to be further active in promoting cooperation with these countries post-pandemic.

In 2020, the tourism cooperation of ASEAN+3 has been actively implemented through many virtual events such as joint online promotional events, training and education activities, conferences on the policy response to Covid-19 and some other themed workshops.

He also highly appreciated support from China, Japan and ROK during the challenging year of 2020, as well as the facilitation of ASEAN Member States and ASEAN Secretariat for the work done, and hoped that fruitful cooperation will be continued in 2021.

In 2021, with the ASEAN+3 Tourism Cooperation Work Plan 2021-2025 has been finalised, the Chairman expected that the work plan will be implemented effectively to further improve the tourism product quality, enhance the promotion efficiency, provide mutual assistance for capacity building, and most importantly to encourage the effective communication and cooperation for the sustainable recovery of tourism industry.

Chairman Nguyen Trung Khanh confirmed that China, Japan and ROK are important source markets of Viet Nam tourism, therefore, once the international travel resumes, Viet Nam tourism will do best to rebuild the tourists’ confidence to travel Viet Nam again and facilitate for better tourists’ experience.

At the meeting, ASEAN Secretariat shared outcomes of the 23rd ASEAN-China Summit, 23rd ASEAN-Japan Summit, 21st ASEAN-ROK Summit, and 23rd ASEAN+3 Summit.

The meeting also considered and adopted the summary record of the 20th Meeting of ASEAN+3 Tourism Ministers.

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