Son Doong, the largest cave in the world, attracting tourists by its mysterious and outstanding features

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- Son Doong Cave is located in Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park in Central Province of Quang Binh (Viet Nam). It is the largest cave in the world, contains awe-inspiring landscapes with mysterious and outstanding features that attracts many tourists to explore at least once in their life.

Huge size

Photo: Oxalis Adventures

Son Doong Cave is currently considered the largest cave in the world. The length of Son Doong Cave is nearly 9km; the largest section of the cave is up to 200 meters high and 150 meters wide, higher than the great pyramid of Giza in Egypt. Total measured volume of Son Doong Cave estimated at 38.5 million cubic meters.

Underground river and lake

Photo: Oxalis Adventures

Anyone who wants to conquer Son Doong must cross a large and fast river.  With length of about 2.5km and very deep, this underground river in Son Doong Cave has a mysterious texture.

Besides, there is a giant lake near the end of Son Doong Cave. The lake is very large and very deep, so visitors will have to use a raft to cross this area to continue the journey.

Enormous stalagmites and miraculous stalactites

Photo: Oxalis Adventures

Son Doong Cave owns many beautiful and magnificent stalagmites and stalactites formed millions of years ago. Statuesque stalactites form strange and enchanting shapes; some stalagmites are giant with the height of 70 - 80m, even taller than the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France.


Photo: Oxalis Adventures

Son Doong is very special compared to other caves due to two giant dolines (cave roof collapses) like "skylights" providing daylight that floods segments of cave and creating a mesmerizing view.

“Forest” in the cave

Photo: Oxalis Adventures

Light is life-giving, so underneath the larger doline in the cave is unique forest hosting different vegetation types including tall trees that similar to the jungle above.

Creature world

Photo: Oxalis Adventures

The explorers evaluate the ecosystem in Son Doong Cave is extremely rich and unique. Visitors can see small creatures, insects and also the wildlife animals, such as monkeys, birds, bats, and blind fish.

Unique campsite

Photo: Oxalis Adventures

The two campsites in Son Doong Cave are definitely one of the most impression and unique in the world. Both areas are located at the edge of the dolines. Tourists can watch the starry sky on clear nights.

The Great Wall of Vietnam

Photo: Oxalis Adventures

Right in the end and exit of the cave, there is a calcite wall totaling 90m in height, named "The Great Wall of Viet Nam" by explorers. This is one of the most difficult challenges in the expedition of Son Doong Cave. Excursionists will have to conquer this wall with ladders, ropes and the help of a technician.

Experience swimming in the cave

Photo: Oxalis Adventures

Thanks to the underground river and lake, swimming in Son Doong Cave is both a must and an opportunity for excursionists to keep interesting experiences. The water in the cave is constantly draining, so it is very clean and cool, but in some areas the flow is quite fast, so excursionists must follow the regulations of the guide.

Hunting for sun rays and clouds

Photo: Oxalis Adventures

The photos of sunlight and mist have created a brand for Son Doong Cave. Want to admire and save this beautiful image, excursionists should discover here in spring, when the sun shines through the dolines of the cave. The mist spreading throughout the cave also helps the scene become more magical and beautiful.

Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park has been declared a world natural heritage by UNESCO twice in July 2003 in the 27th meeting in Paris (France) and in July 2015 in the 39th meeting in Bonn (Federal Republic of Germany). Located in Phong Nha – Ke Bang, Son Doong Cave was first found in 1991 by local man named Ho Khanh, then was explored and publicized by the British Caving Association in 2009. Today, Son Doong still remains a mysterious secret yet to be fully disclosed. Son Doong is relatively young, about 2 - 5 million years old in a limestone area dating back 400 million years. 

Journeys of exploration in Son Doong Cave are organized by Oxalis Adventure Company. To admire the panoramic view of Son Doong Cave, visitors would join the expedition in 4 days 3 nights.