Discover Lang Biang peak on Lam Vien plateau

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- Lang Biang is one of the highest mountains of Lam Dong Province (over 2000m higher than sea level). From the top of mountain, you can see the whole city of Da Lat appearing like a watercolor painting, along with Dan Kia Lake and Vang (Golden) Stream that look like a giant silk highlights among the vast green of the mountains.

Climbing to the top of Lang Biang in the early morning, visitors have the opportunity to see the mountain Da Lat Town among the morning mist.

Being recognized by UNESCO as a World Biosphere Reserve in 2015, Lang Biang Biosphere Reserve includes a large primeval forest area with the core area of Bidoup-Nui Ba National Park - one of the four biodiversity centers of Viet Nam.

The name Lang Biang originates from the love story of K'lang (chief of the Lat tribe) and the girl named H'biang (the daughter of Chil tribe’s chief). Due to the different tribes, H'biang and K'lang could not be married, so they took death to keep their love and protest the harsh rules. After that, the high mountain in La Ngu Thuong village, where K'lang and H'biang died, are named Lang Biang - the name of the couple.

Coming Lang Biang, tourists like climbing the mountains and conquering the Lang Biang peak by walking along the asphalt road enjoying the pine forests and the houses of the ethnic people here. Or you could choose go by Jeep to the top of Rada hill and admire the poet scenery on both side of road.

On the top of Radar hill, in addition to restaurants and cafes, there are other services such as binoculars for overview of Da Lat city from above, horseback riding to take pictures. In particular, there is a flower garden on the top of mountain with souvenir shops and statues of Mr. K'lang and Ms. H’biang... From here, visitors can full see the Golden Stream and Silver Stream and the panorama view of Da Lat City with the misty atmosphere, making you feel like you're on the cloud.

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