Inaugurating a 5-star hotel in the center of Quy Nhon City

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- Quy Nhon City, provincial capital of Binh Dinh, is increasingly becoming an attractive destination for visitors. Recently, in this coastal city, a 5-star hotel has just opened, creating more excellent options for tourists.

Inaugurating FLC City Hotel Beach Quy Nhon (Photo: Nhan Dan Newspaper)

According to Nhan Dan Newspaper, FLC City Hotel Beach Quy Nhon was officially inaugurated by FLC Group Joint Stock Company in the center of Quy Nhon on October 24, 2021.

FLC City Hotel Beach Quy Nhon is located on the most vibrant An Duong Vuong coastal road in Quy Nhon. The 27-storey hotel is synchronously invested according to international standards with nearly 250 rooms and a system of modern shopping - entertainment facilities.

This is also the only hotel in Quy Nhon that connects directly to the beach by a tunnel through An Duong Vuong Road with a length of more than 65m, leading directly to Aqua Beach Club - an underground bar that appeared for the first time in Quy Nhon.

This is the first hotel of the FLC City Hotel brand - a hotel model in the city that is expected to be developed by FLC in tourist cities across the country.

Tourism is considered a key economic sector of Binh Dinh Province. In the context that the tourism industry is heavily affected by the pandemic, the opening of a 5-star hotel in Binh Dinh will contribute to promoting the local economy to open up in safe adaptive conditions, providing a variety of high-quality tourism products for domestic and foreign tourists, gradually bringing Binh Dinh's tourism to recover soon.

It is known that Quy Nhon City is one of three tourist cities in Vietnam to receive the ASEAN Clean Tourist Cities 2020 award at the Southeast Asia Tourism Forum - ATF 2020.

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