Wed, 01/27/2021 18:31:14
News for keyword :Ly Thai To flower garden

The flower garden, a public space that attracts people of all ages and hosts many cultural and historical events of the capital city.

A festival featuring a taste of Japanese culture is scheduled to be held at the Ly Thai To flower garden in Ha Noi from March 23-26.
- On Nov 7, at the Ly Thai To Flower Garden, the Ha Noi Department of Industry and Trade opened Ha Noi tourism promotion festival, attracting a large number of local citizens as well as domestic and international tourists.
On an occasion of the 60th anniversary of Hanoi's Liberation Day and 15th anniversary Hanoi being recognized as 'The City for Peace' by UNESCO, A “Peace Culture Festival” will be held at Ly Thai To flower garden, Hanoi on October 12 aiming to promote the cultural values of the capital city.

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