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The Programme Implementation Unit recognises the importance of the following outputs as key indicators to show tangible evidence of a successful programme implementation.

  • Increased income earning in the tourism sector for people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

  • Improved quality of tourism plans from 2015-2020 and introduction of implementing provisions.

  • National Tourism Development Strategy 2011-2020 objectives are met.

  • Tourism Human Resources Development Programme 2015, regional and local tourism development plans implemented.

  • Responsible tourism is a key priority in 2 national and 30 provincial tourism strategies and programmes implemented by 2016.

  • A framework for environmental standards enforcement is implemented by 2015.

  • A new marketing plan including responsible tourism principles is approved and being implemented by the end of the programme.

  • The creation of 1 national and 3 regional organizational framework that support stronger sector coordination by 2013.

  • Institutionalized public-private dialogue at national and provincial level by end 2012.

  • At least three regional Tourism Destination Management Board created by 2014.

  • 3 pilot initiatives of public-private partnerships signed and implemented by he end of the project.

  • Vietnam Tourism Certification Board operationally sustainable.

  • More than 5,000 tourism workers from disadvantaged areas trained.

  • 10% annual increase of certified professionals working in the private sector.

  • 1,000 Small and Medium Enterprise owner/managers trained by 2015.

    Operational Outputs

    In addition to the key indicators referred to above the Programme Implementation Unit further recognises the importance of operational outputs and project achievements. The key operational project outputs identified below is shown as an example of further measurable achievements.

    Comprehensive tourism statistics information database operationalised

    Guide on responsible tourism published

    Environmental and social standards developed for tourism investment projects

    Charter for the Tourism Advisory Board developed and published

    Long-term overseas training development programmes provided for at least eight Vietnam National Administration of Tourism administrators

    60 Provincial administrators trained via short-term courses

    240 lead trainers trained in the delivery of business development services

    Publishing of awareness materials on the environmental and socials impact of tourism

    Management plans published for Ha Long bay and Phu Quoc Island

    ‘Homestay’ Start-up Manual developed

    Update Human Resources Development tourism strategy developed (2012-2015)

    Curriculum developed for specialist subjects (energy and water saving, and environmental and social/cultural awareness)

    Four new Vietnam Tourism Occupational Skills standards developed:

  • 1. On-site guiding skills,

    2. Tourist driver service skills

    3. Customer care skills

    4. Community/rural tourism enterprise operation

    ’Rapid Job Access’ programme in food preparation, Food & Beverage service and housekeeping developed and piloted

    Technical equipment and supplies provided for Vietnam National Administration of Tourism incl. Institute for Tourism Development Research, Vietnam Tourism Certification Board , Tourism Information and Technology Centre, Vietnam Tourism Association and Assessment Centres in new tourism schools, and communities piloting tourism skills training

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