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The ESRT comprises three inter-linked components:

· Policy Support and Institutional Strengthening

· Product Competitiveness and Public-Private Dialogue

· Vocational Education and Training

Component 1 is designed to build the capacity of the staff of MCST, VNAT and provincial tourism administrations to be qualified in socially and environmentally responsible tourism policy making, planning and management.

Component 2 is designed to strengthen the capacity of tourism associations, local tourism stakeholders and the private sector operators for effective public-private-partnerships in the management of responsible tourism.

Component 3 is designed so that the vocational training system in tourism, including the VTOS standards, is sustainable and covers the entire tourism sector including both the traditional vocational level as well as the management level for longer-term sustainability, and are accessible for ethnic minorities.

While each of the components have their own main objectives, they are highly inter-linked at both purpose and activity levels. Thus, there are often direct linkages between the implementation of activities across the components.

In addition to the three technical components, a series of cross-cutting activities have to be undertaken. These will focus primarily on:

- Ensuring gender equality by mainstreaming gender issues throughout the programme

- Ensuring the inclusion of ethnic minorities in the programme

- Adhering to pro-poor actions in tourism.

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