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Negative Impacts Of Irresponsible Tourism

Over - or uneven development, loss of culture, authenticity, depletion of natural resources, posing potential risks to your business, compromise visitor safety and security.

Over- or uneven development

Overcrowding, traffic congestion and a general disruption of local lifestyles beyond levels acceptable to the host community. Tourism hot spots could be made and the benefits from tourism could not reach the poor.

Loss of culture, authenticity

- Potential commodification of culture, thereby reducing cultural authenticity and meaning, and resulting in an erosion of cultural values.

- Loss or physical damage to historic sites that cannot be replaced.

Depletion of natural resources

Hotels and tour operator offices with high energy and water use place additional pressure on the natural resources of a destination. Poor planning in the procurement and use of office supplies also leads to increased pollution and waste.

Posing potential risks to your business

Poor practices in the supply chain can result in serious risk and reputation issues, legislation and litigation issues and lawsuits for false claims relating to human and environmental issues.

Compromise visitor safety and security

Tour operators with inadequate health and safety provisions for guests can result in the loss or theft of guests’ property and the compromising of their health and safety. This could potentially end in costly litigation and negative publicity of Vietnam as a tourism destination in the international press, reduces repeat visitation as well as the number of potential new visitors.


Created Date: 4/3/2014
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