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Actions For Responsible Tourism

Build competitiveness with sustainability in tourism, Conserve and enhance our natural and cultural resources for the benefit of all, Ensure tourism contributes to broad-based socio-economic development, Develop tourism products that are responsible, Be a responsible employer, Operate a green office, Market tourism goods and services responsibly, Help preserve natural environment, Build the local economy, Help the local people.

Build competitiveness with sustainability in tourism

- Promote good business practices through licenses, awareness raising, and awards

- Enhance product development to create more variety and distinctive products

- Support positive visitor experiences by ensuring fair treatment of tourists in destinations and visitor safety

Conserve and enhance our natural and cultural resources for the benefit of all

- Raise awareness and educate visitors and tourism businesses on the importance of protecting the local natural and cultural resources and how to do it

- Fostering operators to adopt standards and participate in green certification schemes

- Strengthening co-operation amongst heritage protection authorities, the private sector and the local community

Ensure tourism contributes to broad-based socio-economic development

- Ensure inclusion of the disadvantaged in tourism planning, development and operation, and support micro-enterprises

- Use tourism to support poverty reduction by linking tourism plans and policies directly with poverty reduction objectives, support rural tourism destinations

Develop tourism products that are responsible

- Offer goods and services based upon the principles of environmental, social and economic sustainability,

- Promote local participation in tourism planning, development and operation, ensure that communities are involved in and benefit from tourism.

Be a responsible employer

- Prioritise employment of local staff

- Pay staff award or above award wages and offering industry accepted employment benefits

- Instigate gender equity employment policies

- Provide training opportunities for staff

Operate a green office

It is estimated that worldwide 40% of raw materials and resources are consumed by offices. Create a green office by:

- Reducing energy consumption for example by keeping air-conditioning between 24-26°C

- Reducing paper and printing like not printing emails

- Minimising waste by using non-disposable items

- Saving water: install low flow taps, ensure taps are completely turned off after use…

Market tourism goods and services responsibly

Implement tourism marketing and communication strategies that respect the law and good practice, are guided by the principles of decency and honesty, have a sense of social responsibility:

- Communicating authentic and accurate messages

- Avoiding objectification and commodification of the local culture

- Not exaggerating or misleading consumers about your environmental credentials (“greenwashing”)

- Letting others know when you are helping the environment, the local people or the local economy

Help preserve natural environment

- Don’t litter

- Carry your own bag instead of using plastic bags

- Leave nature as it is, don’t disturb wildlife

- Reduce, re-use and recycle

- Minimise energy use in local destinations

- Do not purchase or eat endangered plants or animal or products made from them

Build the local economy

- Use accredited tour operators

- Buy locally made souvenirs

- Eat at local restaurants

- Stay in locally-owned places

- Purchase fair trade products

- Support responsible tourism organisations

Help the local people

- Be considerate of the communities you visit

- Donate via reputable institutions

- Don’t give money to children and beggars

- Respect cultural difference, avoid behaviour that could offend the local population.

- Don’t support the illegal drug or sex trade

Created Date: 4/3/2014
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