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Green Lotus Label For Your Hotel

The certificate of the sustainable tourism Green Lotus Label (Green Lotus Label) is granted to tourism accommodation which meet standards on environmental protection and sustainable development, making efforts to protect the environment, use natural resources and energy efficiently, contribute to preservation of heritage and development of the local economy, culture and society, and pursue sustainable tourism development.

The green Lotus label has five levels: from the lowest level with 1 green lotus to the highest level with 5 green lotuses. The number of green lotuses that a hotel obtains will depend on the points that it achieved according to the criteria of the sustainable tourism label of Green Lotus. All properties that have been assessed and classified to Green Lotus environmental standards will be issued with a complementary sign appropriate to the grade achieved.

Why become a Green Lotus Hotel

- Join Green Lotus Hotel Programme and your hotel will be featured as part of strong marketing and promotion activities

- As a Green Lotus Hotel you will be part of a network with direct access to source markets in Vietnam

- Market your hotel and its environmental activities by using the Green Lotus brand and marketing tools

Protect Vietnam Natural Resources

By being a Green lotus Hotel you have your own share in the active contribution to protect Vietnam’s natural environment and to reduce the impact of your hotels operation on the environment and become an active supporter of more responsible tourism practices within the Vietnamese tourism sector.

Saving money

By implementing the Green Lotus Programme criteria, which also includes staff training measures, your hotel can reduce operating costs (e.g. reduction of water and energy consumption) and increased operational efficiency.

Gain a competitive market advantage

You can be confident that you will become more attractive to the growing number of environmentally friendly tourists. Also the level of satisfaction among your customers will increase who can actively contribute to the protection of Vietnam’s environment without reducing their level of comfort. 

What’s included in the Green Lotus Hotel Programme

- Access to the Green Lotus programme website where you will find information on how to make your business more responsible

- Green lotus hotel capacity building system (trainings) to staff.

- Provision with tailor made training materials  

- Access to training programmes and individual coaching to prepare your business for the Green Lotus Hotel audit

- Access to Green Star Hotel independent audits

- Access to the Green Lotus PR & Communications plan.

Benefits for you

The Green Lotus label offers many benefits:

- Signage: will be supplied to all hotels who successfully meet the Green Lotus criteria. The new lotus environmental sign will be backed by an extensive customer awareness campaign

- Association: with VNAT brand name – seen as a guarantee of quality for visitors to Vietnam

- International recognition: eligible to use the term classified to green lotus standards in all promotional material and on websites

- Environment Assessment: an independent assessment advisory visit carried out by experienced professionals which will provide an indication of where your business is, relative to the required standards.

- A listing with photos: on the VNAT marketing website which promotes Vietnam to the international tourist market

- Tourist Information Centers: promote your hotel in tourist offices throughout the country

- Access to marketing opportunities: offered by regions, destinations, VNAT to environmentally assessed hotels only


Benefits for your customer

Vietnam hotels will be in line with international environmental standards, offering the customer a better range of choice and information in choosing the hotel that best suits their needs.


What happens next?

- Contact VNAT for application form to participate in the Green Lotus label programme.    

- VNAT will arrange an appointment with you for your assessment visit

- An assessment visit is conducted and an advisory report sent to you

- Issue of your new sign appropriate to your classification level following the assessment visit

- You will be notified of marketing and promotional campaigns that support the Green Lotus programme

- You will have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of training programmes and avail of key business supports

- Your classification level will be displayed on the VNAT marketing website and will be supported by marketing campaigns



Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism

Vietnam National Administration of Tourism

Add: 80 Quan Su Str., Hoan Kiem Dist., Hanoi City, Vietnam

Tel: (+84-4) 3942 3760 (ext 130-133)

Fax: (+84-4) 3942 4115



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Created Date: 4/10/2014
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