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Vietnam Responsible Tourism Toolkit

A core activity of the ESRT Programme is to raise awareness of Responsible Tourism. For this purpose, a Responsible Tourism Toolkit has been prepared for Vietnam with the mission to generate a greater understanding amongst all stakeholders of the social and environmental impacts of tourism and ways and means by which the negative impacts may be minimised and positive impacts enhanced to create a more sustainable tourism industry in the long term.


}  The Responsible Tourism Toolkit aims to contribute to the application of more sustainable approaches for producers and indirectly, consumers. 

}  The Responsible Tourism Toolkit will provide the necessary trainer and learner resources for ESRT to deliver its Responsible Tourism workshops and seminars within its broader Responsible Tourism awareness raising and capacity building activity line.


}  The toolkit will consist of a folder of Responsible Tourism “Units” (learner materials) that are directly supported by trainer materials

}  The toolkit units are developed specifically to consider three key stakeholder groups: tourism authorities, tourism businesses, and destination communities. 

}  The toolkit provides flexibility to ESRT in its delivery of workshops and seminars because the units can be “lifted out” to form the basis of lesson plans that specifically meet the needs of beneficiaries. 

Target Audience

}  Tourism authorities: MCST, DCST, District tourism authorities, Government tourism agencies

}  Tourism business sector: tour operators, accommodation operators, food & beverage operators, natural and cultural heritage attractions, CBT operators

}  Tourism destination communities: Communities, Community Destination Management Organisations


Download: http://esrt.vn/data/filedownload/file/FileDownload18.pdf


Created Date: 4/18/2014
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