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Introduction Of Factsheet 4: Responsible Tourism For Accommodation Sector In Vietnam

The accommodation sector is considered as a critical component of tourism. In order to provide some orientation towards responsible tourism practices for this sector, the ESRT Programme introduce the Factsheet 4: Responsible Tourism for accommodation sector in Vietnam.

The accommodation sector comprises all forms of lodging ranging from resorts and hotels through to hostels, guesthouses, and even homestays. In general, accommodation is characterised by paid lodging frequently combined with some level of food service.

Vietnam's total number of accommodation operators is also considerably strong, with some 12,000 hotel and other accommodation units available in 2010, equating to some 235,000 rooms. The average increase of room supply has been on average 15.9% over the past decade – a rate that is faster than the rate of both domestic and international visitor growth.

If accommodation providers do not act sustainably a range of negative impacts may be felt. Through this Factsheet, orientation towards responsible tourism practices focuses on addressing four main issues:

• Challenges and opportunities

• The Responsible Tourism pathway

• Responsible Tourism benefits

• Implementing Responsible Tourism in the Vietnam accommodation sector

Download: http://esrt.vn/data/filedownload/file/FileDownload27.pdf

Created Date: 5/5/2014
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