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Destination Management Organisation (DMO)

The ESRT programme is supporting the collaboration of provinces and private businesses to jointly work on destination marketing management issues at a regional cross-border level.

The term destination management is understood as the strategic management and marketing of tourism destinations. In this context, the destination is seen as a separate, marketable competitive unit, which is in competition with other destinations.


The task of the destination management is through cooperation between the service providers, to ensure continuous service chains in the destinations and marketing across (eg accommodation services, providers of leisure services as well as several sites in a region). This should be carried out without the influence of politics and of individual businesses, so that the destination is developing a separate strategy. In reality, this condition is hardly because of the influence of politics on the development of tourism, often due to financial dependency of the Destination Management Organisation (DMO), is still very high and the individual reflections of the companies are often asked about the direction of the destination. Another object of the destination management is the elimination of conflicts of interest of service providers, as they often see themselves as competitors.


The destination management should be made with respect to the triangle of sustainability, ie, it should prevail an adequate balance between ecological, economic and social factors.


The destination management is implemented at different hierarchical levels: local / community level directly with service providers, regional / provincial level or national level (managed by Vietnam National Administration of Tourism - VNAT).

Created Date: 5/15/2012

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