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Responsible Tourism and the ESRT Programme

The Government's Vision for Tourism 2030 and the new National 2020 Tourism Development Strategy provide increasing autonomy to the provinces in respect of implementation and reflect the need to ensure responsible tourism development that contributes to broad social-economic development, environmental protection and poverty reduction.

Gender Equality in Tourism

Tourism has the capacity to provide opportunities for employment for people of a wide diversity of backgrounds, capabilities and skills. In order to maximise the skills potential available to it within any society, tourism must seek to attract the most talented from all segments of the community, particularly those under-represented within the existing labour pool. In the context of the Vietnamese labour market, women stand out as meriting particular attention at a strategic employment level.

Responsible Tourism (RT)

The ESRT Programme is committed to the guiding principles for Responsible Tourism which were identified in the CAPE TOWN DECLARATION on Responsible Tourism in Destinations (2002) as such:

Tourism Satellite Account (TSA)

The ESRT Programme is supporting the development of the Tourism Satellite Accounts for Vietnam, based on the UNWTO methodology.

Destination Management Organisation (DMO)

The ESRT programme is supporting the collaboration of provinces and private businesses to jointly work on destination marketing management issues at a regional cross-border level.

Community Based Tourism (CBT)

Community Based Tourism (CBT) is a type of tourism that emphasises the sustainability of the environment and society.

Set of criteria of the sustainable tourism Green Lotus Label issued

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has just issued a set of criteria of the sustainable tourism Green Lotus Label applied for tourism accommodation in Viet Nam.

Seminar on Responsible Tourism in Viet Nam

The event attracted the attendance of delegates from VNAT, WWF, ESRT project, Netherlands Development Organization (SNV), some destinations and travel businesses.

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