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Results to be achieved

The staff of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Vietnam National Administration of Tourism and provincial tourism administrations are qualified in socially and environmentally responsible tourism policy making, planning and management.

Result 1: Capacities of Vietnam National Administration of Tourism for planning, policy formulation, product development and marketing strengthened

Result 2: Responsible Tourism concept and policy integrated in overall VN tourism policy, planning and Implemented in pilot regions-destinations

Result 3: Responsible Tourism recognized as leading tourism policy and the awareness of economic and social importance of tourism increased

Component Activities

Activity 1.1.1: Support Vietnam National Administration of Tourism in preparing proposals for updated Tourism law

Activity 1.1.2: Provide Marketing strategy and capacity building of Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, Districts of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Institute for Tourism Development Research on statistics, planning & marketing

Activity 1.2.1: Develop Responsible Tourism policy with implementation principles and guidelines and with endorsement statement/declaration

Activity 1.2.2: Prepare Responsible Tourism product, marketing, Human Resource toolkit, Community-Based Tourism, pro poor and homestay docs and select best practices in Responsible Tourism, implement trainings and organize FAM trips in Vietnam

Activity 1.2.3: Prepare and present internationally recognized environmental & social standards in tourism investment projects together with Green lotus for hotels and some other sectors

Activity 1.3.1: Prepare Strategy, Action plan & Annual Tourism Report – Identity of Vietnam tourism and implement Responsible Tourism awareness raising and communication activities

Activity 1.3.2: Study tours to Europe for Vietnam delegation

Component Outputs

- Responsible Tourism recommendations as proposals for updating Tourism Law and other normative acts

- Statistical reports (domestic tourism, guest surveys, economic impact statistics), training materials & several hundred participants trained, as well as Institute for Tourism Development Research draft development/business plan developed

- Responsible Tourism policy guidelines for Vietnam developed and disseminated and implemented, Responsible Tourism endorsement statement/declaration developed.

- Responsible tourism concept and policy integrated in overall Vietnam tourism policy, planning and implemented in pilot regions-destinations

- Guidelines standards for environmentally and socially responsible large-scale tourism investment projects

- Responsible tourism recommendations / guidelines for major investment projects

- Recommendations for implementation of international standards/labels for tourism operations in other sectors than accommodation

- Green lotus for hotels standardized, promoted and implemented

- 2013 Tourism End of Year Report

Responsible tourism policy requires updating and reformulating of Vietnamese legislation on tourism to meet the requirements of fast growing tourism industry, to meet the requirements of protection of natural, cultural and other resources and to protect customers - tourists.

Outputs to date:

- Report on existing tourism legal system in Vietnam and international treaties

- Draft strategy with recommendations for improvement of the tourism law in Vietnam

- Consultative meetings held with Legal Working Group of Vietnam National Administration of Tourism and workshops with industrial stakeholders in Hanoi, Danang, and HCMC

Capacity building of Vietnam National Administration of Tourism is one of the primary aims of the Environmentally and Socially Responsible Tourism Capacity Development Programme. Development and use of applied statistics and analysis, tourism policy design, planning, product development and marketing are the core activities that will strengthen Vietnam National Administration of Tourism and the Departments of Culture, Sports and Tourism as well as the Institute of Tourism Development and Research

Outputs to date:

- Comprehensive review of current system of tourism statistics and the assessment of Tourism Information and Technology Center with workshops/seminars on improving statistics

- Methodology for domestic tourism survey, developed for guest surveys and tourism statistical system was developed

- National marketing and branding strategy developed

- Design and dissemination of new Logo & Slogan “Timeless Charm”

- Vietnam National Administration of Tourism marketing and branding conferences in 2013 strongly supported and marketing trainings for Vietnam National Administration of Tourism & Departments of Culture, Sports and Tourism performed

- Equipment for Vietnam National Administration of Tourism and Institute of Tourism Development and Research was delivered

- Institute of Tourism Development and Research has been advised on three regional tourism plans

- Trainings of Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, Departments of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Institute of Tourism Development and Research were realized/are on-going in Europe and ASEAN/Malaysia

Implementation of responsible tourism will be coordinated, focused and organized in the lifetime of the project. This will be achieved by responsible tourism policy that will guide planners, developers and investors, tourism industry and customers to implement more sustainable and responsible tourism principles in their work.

Outputs to date:

- Framework on Vietnam responsible tourism policy developed

- Workshop with tourism stakeholders to evaluate the importance of actions/pillars in Responsible Tourism policy implementation/policy

- Gender issues in tourism report developed

Responsible tourism implementation in planning and operations in tourism industry, many small businesses in destinations, communities and even in remote areas require clear and illustrative manuals and guidelines with best practice cases that help introduction of Responsible Tourism in everyday life.

Outputs to date:

- Community-Based Tourism guidelines & national guidelines on Community-Based Tourism by World Wide Fund for Nature

- International Labour Organisation Toolkit for ‘Poverty Reduction through Tourism’ translated, e-published and disseminated

- Vietnam Responsible Tourism Toolkit for tourism product development, marketing, Human Resource development, Small and Medium Enterprises
development, handicrafts production…

- Collection of best practices (international & national) addressing different Responsible Tourism topics

- Many trainings, workshops, seminars with 2,000 participants in different areas through Vietnam

The Environmentally and Socially Responsible Tourism Capacity Development Programme will support and enhance Vietnam National Administration of Tourism’s capacity while applying the label Green Lotus for the accommodation industry by raising its profile as a national / international recognised Eco-Label for Hotels in Vietnam. the Environmentally and Socially Responsible Tourism Capacity Development Programme will also contribute to the knowledge and implementation of international standards, practices, techniques and labels in regulating large-scale tourism development projects and tourism operations

Outputs to date:

- Workshops on responsible / green tourism conducted in Ha Long, Ha Noi, Phu Tho, Moc Chau

- Identified support for the implementation process of the Green Lotus

The importance of tourism in Vietnam is increasing and its positive effects are not completely acknowledged by many stakeholders. There are economic and social effects, environmental and cultural, on national, regional and local level. Tourism increases revenues and employment, it contributes to the increase of standard of living and it contributes substantially to the recognition and image of the country, region or specific place.

Outputs to date:

- Awareness raising strategy was developed

- Conference 2012 on Enhancing Responsible Tourism and 2013 on Responsible Tourism Policy each with more than 200 delegates from Vietnam and international organisations

- Responsible Tourism documents and resource material developed (Concepts & Principles, Guidelines, selected best practices for promotion and use at workshops, trainings, meetings, conferences)

- Promotional material delivered – Factsheets, Newsletters on Responsible Tourism in Vietnam

- World Tourism Day - 27 September 2013 celebration with Vietnam Responsible Tourism Toolkit promotion

- Several workshops, trainings, meetings with dissemination and promotion delivered

An important view of awareness raising of the importance of Responsible Tourism are study tours of high level policy and decision makers where institutions and best cases are visited and relevant topics discussed with relevant professionals.

Outputs to date:

Study tour to Europe of a number of high level tourism & tourism related policy makers who visited Netherlands, Belgium and France. They met and discussed with representatives of international organizations (European Union, United Nations Environment Programme, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, international tourism marketing organization - etc., national tourism authorities in Netherlands in France, tourism product & brand development organization and visited also some sites to see the functioning of selected Responsible Tourism best practices.

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