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Results to be achieved

Product competitiveness and public-private-partnerships: The capacity of the tourism associations, local tourism stakeholders and the private sector is strengthened for effective public-private partnerships in tourism management.

Result 1: Tourism Advisory Board established and functional; Public-Private Dialogue introduced and functional on national and destination level

Result 2: Tourism industry associations strengthened, functional and visible to represent industry in Public-Private Dialogue

Result 3: Pilot tourism destinations-regions cooperating and Destination Management Organisation functional

Component Activities

- Activity 2.1.1: Support Vietnam National Administration of Tourism with acts, draft programme and Tourism Advisory Board’s meetings facilitation with tourism industry included

- Activity 2.2.1: Support to National tourism industry associations: Vietnam Tourism Association, Vietnam Society of Travel Agents, Vietnam Hotels Association in programme development and capacity building with provincial-destinations network/chapters

- Activity 2.3.1: Develop and propose organizational model for destination cooperation and Destination Management Organisation functioning (respecting Public-Private Dialogue) and develop action plan

- Activity 2.3.2: Provide capacity building, trainings and pilot actions in tourism destination and specific locations

Component Outputs

- Draft mid-term Tourism Advisory Board working programme developed

- Tourism Advisory Board statements and proposals about important tourism policy and development issues in Vietnam developed and disseminated.

- Vietnam Tourism Association’s development/business plan reviewed and network structure with sector and provincial associations

- Proposal developed for a National Programme for Responsible Tour Operators

- Destination Management Organisation models for three pilot destinations with work/activity program established

- Cooperation structures established in pilot destinations based on the approach for eight Northwest provinces/and tourism industry approach

- Results of guest surveys and value chain analysis disseminated

- Training courses implemented

- Training materials/presentations, best practices and hand-outs disseminated

- Several hundred participants trained in Responsible Tourism training programmes

The Tourism Advisory Board served as a consultative body for Vietnam National Administration of Tourism. It represents a mechanism for Public-Private Dialogue – an exchange of views, ideas, proposals and suggestions from public and industry tourism stakeholders that result in advises to administration to design and perform more efficient tourism policy, development and operations especially in marketing.

Outputs to date:

- Selection and invitation of participants, ‘roles and procedures’ developed

- Inauguration meeting of Tourism Advisory Board held in November 2012

- Tourism Advisory Board roles and procedures adopted

- Preparation of Tourism Advisory Board Secretariat to be operated by Vietnam National Administration of Tourism

- Two Tourism Advisory Board meetings organized

- Marketing Tourism Advisory Board working group

- Minutes of Meetings published

Tourism Associations are organisations or groups representing the tourism sector with an interest/task to offer their members services like developing and promoting a tourism product, market services, labelling, trainings, FAM trips, study tours… Their function often includes an advisory role for the public administration.

Outputs to date:

- Draft review of existing tourism associations in Vietnam

- Support provided to Vietnam Tourism Association for workshops and fam trips

- Support Vietnam Society of Travel Agents to organize Vietnam International Travel Mart 2013 in Hanoi

- Short manual for tourism fair organizers

Destination Management Organisation are established with representatives of administration – public sector, tourism industry and representatives of Non-governmental organization. Technical Assistant consists of preparation of formal model for cooperation and action plan, guest surveys and value chain analysis, Responsible Tourism policy guidelines, product development, trainings for tourism product development, marketing, and branding.

Outputs to date:

- Concept paper on Destination Management Organisations presented in 8 Northwest and 3 Central Coast provinces

- Facilitated process in establishing Technical Working Group and Steering committee in 8 Northwest provinces as the basis for destination cooperation

- Training of Departments of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Technical Working Group) in Northwest Provinces on Responsible Tourism criteria and

- Responsible Tourism products assessed, product guidelines developed and Tour Operator and Travel Agent FAM trip organized to 8 Northwest provinces

- www.dulichtaybac.vn / www.northernhighlands.vn restructured

- Proposals for work programme in pilot destinations collected from different stakeholders

- Joint presentation of 8 Northwest Provinces at the Vietnam International Travel Mart 2013

Efficient tourism development involves permanent – lifelong learning – training is necessary on all levels and especially in tourist destinations, communities and local tourist sites. The Environmentally and Socially Responsible Tourism Capacity Development Programme has developed a suite of training materials, guidelines and presentations of best practices in fields like: quality services, home stay products, tourism value chains, partnering with tour operators, marketing, etc.

Outputs to date:

- Training materials developed

- Memorandum of Understanding and Letter of Intent signed with other donor organizations to perform joint activities in specific locations

- Workshops, Trainings, seminars realized

- Equipment and furniture delivered to 10 community houses and 5 colleges

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