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Support from the ESRT Programme to VTCB

The Vietnam Tourism Certification Board is identified as an important stakeholder in the Component 3 (Vocational Education and Training) of the ESRT Programme. The Programme will support and collaborate closely with VTCB to implement this component, especially in development of the Vietnam Tourism Occupational Skills Standards (VTOS).

Within the work plan, the ESRT Programme reserves Activity 3.2 in Component 3 to support VTCB, which focuses on capacity building for members of the board as well as VTCB staff; provide international experts to assist VTCB developing sustainable action plan to achieve legal status and sustainable funding plan for VTCB’s activities.


The ESRT Programme continues co-operation with and via VTCB to expand the VTOS system, reignition of VTOS training and assessment activities by utilising the established pool of VTOS Trainers, Tutors and Assessors, who were trained by the previous Human Resources Development in Tourism Project and officially approved by VTCB.


Covering a wide area to aim at responsible tourism development and prioritize disadvantage area and the minorities people, the ESRT Programme also collaborates with VTCB in to conduct occupational skills training and assessing for disadvantage employees and communities that haven’t accessed the VTOS system yet. Besides, the ESRT Programme acts as a moderator among donors and other projects in implementation of relevant activities with participation of VTCB.

Created Date: 5/25/2012
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