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Introducing the ILO Toolkit

By consent from the International Labour Organisation, the ESRT Programme has translated and published the Toolkit on “Poverty reduction through tourism”. The toolkit is part of the ILO’s wider effort to promote decent work in the tourism industry and aims to contribute to poverty reduction through tourism and the promotion of employment in rural areas.

With the theme of how tourism can be a driver of poverty reduction, the main target group of this toolkit are local/rural communities and small enterprises. Besides, it also is directed towards a wide range of actors that share an interest and are involved in reducing poverty through tourism like representatives from national government to local/rural authorities, employers’ organizations, trade union or support institutions (e.g. NGOs).


The toolkit is organized around five modular chapters.

1. The tourism industry and poverty reduction – general overview

2. Human resources, decent work and social dialogue

3. Promotion and marketing in tourism

4. Tourism market

5. Tourism business


The chapters can be used together or independently, fully or in part, according to the training needs of participants and trainers. Some parts can also be used for other purposes (for advocacy, awareness raising and information, and as a background source).


The importance of tourism for job creation and poverty reduction in rural areas of developing and least developed countries should not be underestimated, when it is increasingly recognized as a major source of economic growth, especially in poor countries. We do hope that this toolkit will stimulate and encourage poverty reduction strategies and policies through local, national and regional training in this key industry.

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/view/?4gnl36euetpasr7

Created Date: 2/19/2013
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